Photographer Captures His Dog As Different Animals Each Year

dog dressed as animal 1

(Year 2014 – A Mouse)

One of the coolest things about having a dog is that you can always dress them up and treat them like children. A photographer based in Bristol, Peter Thorpe, kept up with his great little tradition that he begun twenty years ago with dressing up his dog.

dog dressed as animal 2

(Year 2013 – A Bird)

Every year for his annual holiday cards, he captures images of his dog named Raggle in costumes looking like various animals. The tradition first began with Paddy, but now continues up until this year with Raggle. The photographer shares that while other photographers will turn to image editing programs such as Photoshop, he uses real props instead.

dog dressed as animal 3

Once the year’s postcard is complete, it is then sent to family, friends, and his clients. While most people would look forward to the postcard every year, Thorpe said that this year’s post card will be the last one before Raggle’s retirement as she is growing older and weaker, and therefore unable to keep up with the hassle that comes along with having to fit the costumes and strike a cute pose.

Check out the rest of photos that were taken in the earlier years below.

dog dressed as animal 4

(Year 2012 – Bah Humbug)

dog dressed as animal 5

(Year 2011 – A Penguin)

dog dressed as animal 6

(Year 2010 – A Sheep)

dog dressed as animal 7

(Year 2009 – A Turkey)

dog dressed as animal 8

(Year 2007 – A Donkey)

dog dressed as animal 9

(Year 2006 – A Camel)

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