Save phone extensions and dial automatically in iPhone

You see lot of phone numbers which include extensions like customer support dialing numbers, helpline numbers etc. you can save numbers with extensions in iPhone and these numbers dial extensions automatically. This is a very handy and really helpful feature offered by iPhone. Here is the guide to save phone number in iPhone with extension.

  • At first, you will enter a contact number as you do when save a phone number, for example 1-800-000-0000.
  • When you enter the number into the iPhone, you will tap on the # button. It will bring up some extra options on your phone screen.
  • You will see pause option, tap on it to insert a comma, this will make a pause after the phone number has been dialed.
  • When you enter comma, after that you will enter the desired extension you want to save with this number, for example 123. Now the number will appear at your phone screen like: 1-800-000-0000,123, save this into your contacts.

Whenever you dial this number from your phone, the extension will be dialed automatically after a pause. You do not need to enter extension separately once you use this tool in iPhone.

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