9 Weird Phobias As Explained By Movies

Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder where the person has a debilitating fear of some object or situation that seems totally irrational to most people. They have been recorded in history for thousands of years, and new ones are popping up all the time.  One interesting part is, the most common treatment is called “Exposure Therapy.” This means making the person face their fears in a controlled environment under the care of a trained professional. So maybe people suffering from these phobias should go ahead and watch the video clips below. Then again, maybe not.



9. Anatidaephobia:
This one legitimately quacks me up. Have you ever felt anxiety about being watched by a duck? Me neither. But Anatidaephobes live with the paralyzing fear that somehow, somewhere, there is a duck out there. Watching. Waiting. Judging.
[youtube][/youtube]8. Anthophobia:
This one starts to peak toward the end of those “April showers.” Just the sight or thought of a flower will send these folks running for the hills. They understand that the flowers cannot harm them, but they can’t help but freak out a little whenever they see one. These folks probably should do well to avoid watching Little Shop of Horrors:
[youtube][/youtube]7. Linonophobia:
This fear may have been developed by Velcro as a sick attempt to boost profits… But whatever the reason, Linonophobes are absolutely terrified of string. Don’t go to my grandma’s this weekend, she’s knitting up a storm!

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