Mirage Table Brings Augmented Reality To Your Tabletop

Cutting edge technology is being used to innovate new products every day. Lately we have been watching some amazing research products by Microsoft which were part of their “20 years Research program” and they all were pretty awesome. Today we found another Microsoft product which is named as Mirage technology and it would be implemented in daily use gadgets in coming years. This technology uses a 3D projector with a Kinect sensor. The sensor checks your movements and the projector projects images accordingly. In short, you get full time Augmented Reality in front of you. A curved sheet makes things look more like in 3D. You can play games over it, make different things. To top it up, you can chat in 3D and even interact with different objects while talking to your friend who is sitting at the other corner of the world.

Soon the time will come when we will be watching such technology replacing Skype and other such video chat hubs and people will be more happily interacting with each other virtually. Indeed this invention could revolutionize many existing gadgets being used by consumers. Check out the video to see it in action.


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