augmented reality

The Augmented Reality Sandbox! (Video)

Its not an ordinary sandbox where water will make lumps with sand and all the fun will be over before it starts. It’s an augmented reality sandbox – a new superb concept to make things more understandable and more enjoyable. This sandbox is placed in a way that a projector is projecting some images on

Mirage Table Brings Augmented Reality To Your Tabletop

Cutting edge technology is being used to innovate new products every day. Lately we have been watching some amazing research products by Microsoft which were part of their “20 years Research program” and they all were pretty awesome. Today we found another Microsoft product which is named as Mirage technology and it would be implemented

Future Gaming With Augmented Reality

It’s a matter of time when Xbox and PlayStation controllers get obsolete and augmented reality takes place. No doubt Google Glass kick-started augmented reality, but this technology has a long journey ahead of it. Right now, Google Glass lets us do regular phone stuff with the help of our eyes; in the future, we expect much more exploration and advancement.

Physics Engine Demo — Its Amazing!

Its time to blow your mind, you are about to see what you don’t see in common life. Its the one of best engine used out in world to show the integration of the physics of a thing with the natural environment. What we see or what we predict is totally a different scenario in the

Augmented Reality Touch

A number of researches and projects are being carried out on Augmented reality. We found something different and cool to add in this field. The advancement in science and its linkage and diversity in every field makes it more vulnerable for scientists and researchers to give it a change of taste. The basic augmented reality has been programmed and

Project Glass From Google Serves As An Augmented Reality

Back a few days ago we all have been hearing the news of Google secretly working on some glasses and well now they officially launched a teaser or a concept of what they have been working all the time. Before telling you what they actually showed up, let me tell you that if this is