Miniature Version Of Classic Arcade Gaming Machines Invented!

Old retro arcade gaming machines were some of the coolest things that were ever invented for game lovers. There was nothing else that we anticipated more than a Saturday to be able to go to the arcade to play games on the machines, but what if we were able to have our own arcade gaming machine that would cost us less than $50, and is even portable?

nanoarcade 1

This new mini arcade gaming machine called Nanoarcade looks just like a classic arcade machine but is only 1/10th of their size, and is easy to carry around in the palm of your hand. While mini arcade gaming machines have already been unveiled, the Nanoarcade is made the best as it does not require a tablet or a smartphone to play on, unlike the others. It is simply a standalone mini version of arcade gaming machines.

nanoarcade 2

The Nanoarcade provides a gaming platform for J2ME Java based games. Similar to all the other retro gaming machines at arcades, the graphics quality of the Nanoarcade is however basic. Although the devices will be offered with a few games, the creators of the Nanoarcade installed a microUSB port in the gadget so that you can play any J2ME-based game you desire, by just copying the game’s files from your computer.

nanoarcade 3

As mentioned before, the Nanoarcade looks exactly like a typical arcade machine with a joystick, and six buttons for playing classic favourites. It is even made more authentic with a slot for coins.

nanoarcade 4

The inventor of the Nanoarcade, Eric Lin, shared that he had turned to Kickstarter to generate funding for the production of the tiny gaming machine with a goal of $30,000. It was chosen as a staff favourite by Kickstarter. You can pre-order your own Nanoarcade by making a minimum pledge of $39 for an early special, but will cost $49 once the special has ended. Shipping is scheduled to begin in April if the campaign is successful.

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