Microsoft Office 2011 Now Available For Mac – With new features

Microsoft has released new version of Microsoft office with new feature and wonderful interfaces named Microsoft Office 2011. You can use Microsoft Office 2011 suite for MAC also. It is similar in functionally that are present in Office 2010 that is used for PC but it contains extra
features that have not seen in old versions of Office.

MAC office has never added Outlook in previous versions of MAC Office. Few features have been added into it which are as follows.

  • Online office which is web application is integrated into Microsoft Office 2011 for MAC.
  • Skydrive cloud that is used for storage of data is also added to make it more feasible for customers.
  • It came with new interface that you have not seen in Microsoft 2008.
  • Microsoft Office 2011 for MAC provides facility for file sharing on SharePoint network.
  • Host for Word, PowerPoint and Excel is available to update these Microsoft office 2011 applications.

You can get Microsoft Office 2011 For MAC by given link:

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