Levitatr: An advanced keyboard for your iPhone

Levitatr is developed as a coolest, prettiest and durable keyboard accessory. Work has been done very carefully on every design and rework also performed to make in a perfect keyboard in the market. It is an aluminum Bluetooth keyboard with elevating keys for your beloved iPhone or iPad device. Bottom cover, key caps and face are molded with beautiful polycarbonate plastic and it looks too good. Keys elevate from keyboard face and backlighting turns on in order to illuminate the letters. When keys are not in use by user, they automatically moved back towards keyboard face and backlighting also turns off and you will not be able to see the key lettering.

Kickstand is built into Levitatr to folds out and holds Apple’s iPhone or iPad between 20° to 30° angle. This angle depends on the thickness of every mobile device. There are no nonessential keystrokes when keyboard is in your bag and you are travelling. No doubt! There is no keyboard yet to make comparison with Lavitatr.

This beautiful Levitatr keyboard is compatible to devices given below:

  • Apple’s iPad and iPad 2
  • Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS
  • Apple’s Mac mini computer
  • Apple iPod touch mobile device
  • Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1? and 7?
  • HP TouchPad

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