How to show Jailbroken Preference Bundles in iOS 5

Are you in search of tutorial that can tell you clearly that how to patch the for showing preference bundle in iOS 5? Finally, you got the right place. Get excited now because this tutorial is all about you need. You will see here, how to patch in order to show the jailbroken preference bundles in iOS 5. Keep reading below steps!

  • Launch Mac App store, check the latest Xcode version and then install it.
  • Go to Flippo Biga github and download patcher.
  • Once you have downloaded, you will get zipped file into your PC. Extract it and open the terminal.
  • Now type the below line in Terminal and hit “Enter” from keyboard. Alternative way is navigate to osx folder, write cd and then drag and drop this folder in Terminal.                            cd path_to_FilippoBiga-iOS-Utilities-5c70846 2_settings_patcher_osx
  • Now write “Name” in it and press “Enter”. Osx folder will be open with a new file in it.
  • SSH in your iPhone device and place a new file in directory “/usr/bin”.
  • Once you are done with all steps, restart your device. You will see new changes that you made after your device boot up. That’s it. Enjoy guys!

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