How to delete all SMS/Messages on iPhone without Jailbreaking?

Apple iPhone allows the users to delete messages one by one. Sometimes the users may require to delete multiple or a large number of messages. For the jailbroken phones, there are certain applications available to do this job. But not everybody’s phone is jailbroken.

In the phones which are not jailbroken, this job can be perfectly done by using iTunes Backup Manager. Follow the given steps:

  • Launch iTunes and connect the iPhone with the computer.
  • Right click the iPhone name and select Backup.
  • Launch iTunes backup manager. Click on your iPhone name and browse to plug in > messages.
  • It will display a SMS viewer in which all the SMS will be displayed in a form of tree.
  • To delete all the messages, click on the root of the tree.
  • To delete selective messages, hold ctrl or shift key to select the multiple messages.
  • Close SMS viewer. From main menu select file > restore > restore only modified file. Hit ok button.
  • After the restore, the iPhone will reboot automatically.

So this is how you can delete all or multiple messages from your iPhone without jailbreaking it.

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