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Cool Origami Art Pieces That Prove Why Today Is Set Aside To Celebrate It In Japan

Today the 1th of November, Japan celebrates Origami Day, a day where the paper crane has become a symbol of peace. Many of us might have thought, but don’t know that Origami isn’t an entirely Japanese invention. Ancient Japanese origami used cut or marked paper, and was first mentioned in a poem from 1680.

100 year later in Europe, German pedagogue Friedrich Fröbel taught kindergarten children simple mathematical forms by folding whole pieces of paper. This system was imported to Japan after 1860, and is the basis for what we consider modern origami.

Here are some cool origami creations to celebrate Origami Day today.

origami 1

origami 2

origami 3

origami 4

origami 5

origami 6

origami 7

origami 8

origami 9
origami 10


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