Build Car Mount for Your iPhone on save your money

One of the more popular apps that you see in App store is GPS. This app is for your iPhone handset and if you get these apps in to your iPhone, you would come to know that what problems you might face with mounting your iPhone in car.

There are very amazing and unique car docks that are available for different types of GPS device. But it is too much difficult in choosing the suitable car dock. Moreover these are also very expensive and majority of users can’t afford it. So instead of getting an expensive dock, you can make an accurate car mount by yourself without spending much time.

Things that you need to make car mount are heavy plastic coated wire, PVC piping, scissors, foam and pliers. To start process, you need to find nook in dashboard of your car close to steering wheel. Fix a PVC pipe into Tee that fits as anchor. Now make the other end of pipe with plastic coated wire and it will hold your iPhone device in correct place. When you complete the procedure, you will have a car mount for your iPhone.

Build Car Mount with your hands and save your dollars.

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