10 Cats Making It Clear That They Don’t Care About Human’s Personal Space

Cats are animals that just are not afraid to do whatever pleases them, not even if it means costing somebody else something. Personal space is just one of these things that cats are not afraid to invade and though many cat owners have tried to resort to shaming their cats when they do inconsiderable stuff, they know they are only wasting their time as the unemphatic animals will only turn around to seek revenge.

Cats don’t have any respect for personal space, and when they do get the chance they’ll will remind you of just that. This list might just then help out those people who are still considering a feline companion. Here are 10 photos that show how much cats care about your personal space… not at all that is.


1. Yep, you get no privacy at all.

cats personal space 1


2. Are you really going to write that?

cats personal space 2


3. Oooh! Selfie time!

cats personal space  3


4. You spend too much time playing games.

cats personal space 4


5. What do you mean you have to study?

cats personal space 5


6. Move over so I can lie down here.

cats personal space 6


7. But, I need this hand to sleep.

cats personal space 7


8. Are you doing the number 1 or the number 2? Tell me when you’re done.

cats personal space 8


9. What a comfortable place to sit…

cats personal space 9


10. I’ll just sit here to personally supervise you while you build my pyramid, okay slave?

cats personal space 10

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