‘Bite Me’ Is No Longer An Idiom As You Can Now Make A Gummy Of Yourself!

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Gummy candies are no longer limited to bears and worms. This store in Shibuya, Tokyo presents its customers with the chance to create 3D-printed gummy versions of themselves. The store called FabCafe uses a 3D body scanner to create the colourful treats for a Japanese follow-up to Valentines Day called White Day.

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The coffee shop and 3D-printing hub originally offered female customers the chance to have their faces scanned and printed into a mold to be cast in chocolate for Valentine’s Day. For White Day, the store continued the personalized 3D-printing gift trend, but decided to allow their customers to create full body gummies.

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The two-part workshop which costed just 7,000 yen (equivalent to USD$60), first began with the customer’s entire body being 3D scanned. FabCafe then prints the file into detailed plastic molds for each customer. The customers themselves are then allowed to pour the liquid jelly candy into their own molds, making a colourful collection of tasty miniature versions of themselves.

fabcafe 4

As the customers wait for their 3D scanning and printing process to be completed, they can enjoy a casual cup of coffee from the cafe provided by the unique service store. The 3D printer at the store has also offered up workshops in 3D printing ornaments, jewellery, clothing, and toys, aside from the personalised chocolate face and gummy people treats.

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