Dogs? Naughty? Too Shocking To Believe!

Most times when we hear people talking about cats, it is guaranteed that you’d hear them call them sneaky and mischievous, but when they talk about dogs…the cutest and sweetest things ever. They’re friendly, loyal and just too adorable. Most of these people that talk this way about dogs would however be the people that don’t own any. Dog owners on the other hand would admit that dogs can sometimes be naughty and irritating.

Based on the stories I’ve heard of experiences dog owners have had with their pets, it can be hard to decide whether to laugh or to get serious because sometimes the naughty things they do will cost you a lot. Some people have taken the initiative to take pictures of their dogs standing in the scene of their naughty deeds. Check out this collection of photos that dog owners have captured of their dogs doing naughty deeds.

Be aware, these photos can cause you to reconsider getting a dog in the future. On the contrary, it might freakishly cause you to begin to adore naughtiness.


1. Take a look at these two puppies dunking their brother.

naughty puppies 1


2. Taking a bathroom break on some fur.

naughty puppies 2


3. Welcome Home… How was your day?

naughty puppies 3



4. Sooo, who’s the culprit?

naughty puppies 4


5. How comes you never told me that this thing was for bubble baths too?

naughty puppies 5


6. Just used a bit more toilet paper, nothing more.

naughty puppies 6


7. No one is gonna believe that I actually ate your home work.

naughty puppies 7



8. Yes, this is the perfect place for my bathroom break.

naughty puppies 8


9. Boy, am I glad you’re home. It’s been pretty boring around here.

naughty puppies 9



10. There was a spider, but it’s gone now.

naughty puppies 10

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