10 Things That Can Be Replaced by Your Mobile Phone

Your iPhone and Android phone are very powerful devices. Aside from their normal usage for communication, mobile phones can be used to a lot more things. You will be surprised at the things that can be replaced with your phone. You will even be more amazed once you realize that you are actually using your phone as replacement for these things: 


You called a client, set up a meeting then entered the details into your organizer. This is a common use for the old-school organizer. It helps you remember things, your schedule and almost everything as long as you write them and you have the pages to skim through pages of your personal handwriting.

Your phone can do all of that – even better. You can swipe through your Calendar or any organizer app and create, delete and manage your schedule. You can also skip the skimming part when searching for words or events. A simple tap on the Search button on the app does the job for you!


Most people love capturing memories with the camera. But why buy one when you can use your iPhone to capture your child’s first walk? Your cellphone offers editing application to further enhance your photos.

Online Casino

Do you love going to the casino but does not have the time? Have you ever wished that there is a casino beside your house so you can just step out of your house and into the house of fun and money? Good news! You can now use your phone to play and bet online. Sites such as offers a full-casino experience to online users. If you go to the mobile casino page, which is an arabic page explaining how to experience Casino games (Roulete, BlackJack, Poker etc) on your mobile device- may it be an Android phone or an Apple iPhone.

Video Game Console

Aside from the mobile games available at Playstore and the App Store, iPhones and Android phones can use apps to emulate existing games consoles. Video game publishers are now shifting to the mobile platform as there is a noted increase in demand.

Calculator and Similar Devices

Modern phones have built-in calculator apps that comes pre-installed on the devices. More advanced calculator are also available on the App Store and Playstore. Applications used for conversions and other references are available for download, too. 

Alarm Clock

So you just broke your alarm clock. What do you want to do? Buy a new one? You do not have to spend another dime on an alarm clock, or for its battery, now that you have your phone. Use the alarm feature of your device to help you wake up in the morning. There are lots of amazing alarm clock apps out there.

Remote Control

Applications that convert your phone to a universal remote control are readily available on the App Store and Playstore. Using these apps, you can use your phone to control your TV, sound system, air conditioner, and other electronic devices.


Phones can now be used to open doors, gates and even cars! Though the technology is still available in Japan, there are tutorials on the web that helps you convert your phone to work as a key.

USB Storage

Your phone can be used as an external USB storage device. Just plug your phone to a computer or laptop and transfer files between the two devices. Some phones have an expandable memory card slot so you get a bigger space.

GPS Device

Once an expensive apparatus, GPS tracking device is now available on most smartphones. With permission, you can now use phones to track and trace location of a user. Some logistics and trucking companies are using phones as location-tracking devices.

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