10 Of The Most Refreshing Bathrooms Ever Designed

Innovating bathrooms has always been a trend. The pleasing thing about choosing to innovate your bathroom is the comfort that it will bring after you have finished decking it out with the new facilities. Your new styling mantra for your bathroom can vary so much as there as many different styles to choose from.

An important fact that you must always remember when you are creating or re-decorating your bathroom is that you must try to make it as comfortable as possible. It is where you will freshen up as you shower, sit to use the use toilet, and ever the place where we start our day. Check out list of photos below of some of the most refreshing bathrooms with fancy designs that were ever build.


1. Bathroom Concept 1

bathroom 1 bathroom 1.1. bathroom 1.2


This is a perfect example of a well-ventilated bathroom. The small bathtub gives an accent to the entire design of the bathroom.


2. Purple White Bathroom

bathroom 2

This elegant spacious bathroom was designed by Semsa Bilge in 2010.


3. Bathroom Concept 2

bathroom 3

Here is a combination of elegance and the latest trends. The luxurious type of bathroom was designed by Moonshine Ridge.


4. Bathroom Moskovska

bathroom 4 bathroom 4.1

A spacious bathroom that has a good combination design with stone and wood panelling.


5. Bathroom Concept 3

bathroom 5 bathroom 5.1

This bathroom in a house located in Varna, Bulgaria, is designed with filled polished travertine.


6. Schmitt Company Bathroom

bathroom 6

This bathroom embraces nature with plants growing to the sides of the shower, allowing sunlight in; board panelling, and green coloured wall tiles and painting.


7. Lake Travis Retreat Master Bathrooms

bathroom 7

This bathroom was designed by Dick Clark Architecture.


9. Bathroom Concept 5

bathroom 9

Designer Cuatrod created this bathroom for his study on lighting and materials.


10. Istanbul H-Master Bathroom

bathroom 10 bathroom 10.1 bathroom 10.2

This master bathroom of the Instanbul House was designed by Yasemin Oztek.

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