10 Of The Most Awesome Teachers In The History Of School

As much as how there were many of us who would always chant how much we hate school and grumbled when we were suppose to get up to be on our way from early hours in the morning, there is always that one teacher that we would all look forward to seeing in class. This one teacher was the one who inspired us, truly engaged us and got us interested in learning.

This post is dedicated to all those awesome teachers. If there was anybody who ever told you that teachers like these aren’t a big deal, tell them they’re wrong. Check out this compilation of photos of teachers rocking at their job.


1. Teacher Draws Stunning Chalkboard Drawings To Inspire His Students.

teachers 1

teachers 1.1


2. Student Falls Asleep In Class, So Teacher Takes A Photo With Him

teachers 2


3. This Microbiology Professor Teaches An Entire Class Dressed Like Darth Vader

teachers 3


4. Teacher Makes Fun Of Spelling Students’ Spelling Mistakes

teacher 4


5. Teacher Responds To April Fools Joke In Class By Students

teachers 5


6. Teacher Skateboards To Class Everyday

teachers 6


7. Meanwhile in Russia

teachers 7


8. Meme Fridge In Teachers’ Lounge

teachers 8


9. Teachers Come To School In Pajamas To Protest Finals Being Held At Seven In The Morning

teachers 9


10. History Teacher Dresses As Abraham Lincoln For His Yearbook Photo

teacher 10

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