10 Most Bizarre Sources for Alternative Energy

No 6. Feces and Urine

While it may seem disgusting but your waste material contains methane and this gas can be used to power your house,in the same way as natural gas. For example Park Spark in Cambridge and one facility in San Francisco run by Norcal Waste concentrate their resources into converting dog poo into methane.
Infact 18,000 gallons of cow manure daily can save you $60,000 a year! In a farm in Pennsylvania, six hundred cows produce 18,000 gallons of manure daily, which are helping the farm save quite a few bucks by being used to produce electricity, bedding, fertilizer and heating fuel. According to a study waste from 70 homes can generate enough methane gas to make a Volkswagen beetle run for 10,000 miles. Furthermore, work is under way to make world’s first urine-powered fuel cells in Edinburgh.

No 5. Sludge

It has been estimated that sludge produced by California municipalities alone can generate 10 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per day. The gooey sludge is turned into powder by using relatively low temperatures in a fluidized bed of sand and salts that produce a biomass fuel. The waste-to-energy technology is designed to be on site which means companies can save on trucking costs, disposal fees, and electricity.

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