10 Most Bizarre Sources for Alternative Energy

No 4. Solar wind

With a satellite that revolves around the sun, we could capture 1 billion times more energy than what we need. This energy would come through solar winds, which is a stream of energized, charged particles flowing outward from the sun. The satellite which could do so, called Dyson-Harrop, would beam back energy to earth via an infrared laser. The only major problem with the plan is the distance; the distance between the satellite and the earth as it would be some millions of miles away from the earth gathering energy from our star.

No 3. Vibrations

Dancing and walking might turn out to be more beneficial to our earth than we thought. Piezoelectric materials when put under stress generate electricity. These materials have already been employed in Club Watt in Rotterdam, Netherlands. But, the problem is the cost, currently that is. The U.S. Army is also looking at piezoelectric technology for energy. They put the material in soldier’s boots in order to charge radios and other portable devices.

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