10 Extremely Cute Slugs That Deep Sea Divers Have Discovered

It is pleasantly surprising how many cute live animals that can be found by divers hidden beneath the sea, especially slugs. Most of these “slugs” are actually snails that have lost their shells and gained new characteristics through evolution. One of these types of cute slugs is the sacoglossans which is also called “solar-powered sea slugs”, use chloroplasts from the algae they eat in their own tissue.

There are tons more of these cute sea slugs that can be found beneath the ocean. Here are 10 extremely cute slugs that deep sea divers have found at the bottom of the ocean.


1. Acanthodoris Lutea

sea slugs 1


2. Elysia Chlorotica (Leaf Slug)

sea slugs 2


3. Costasiella Kuroshimae (Sea Sheep)

sea slugs 3


4. Elysia Crispata (Lettuce Sea Slug)

sea slugs 4


5. Glossodoris Atromarginata

sea slugs 5


6. Melibe Leonina

Melibe leonina nudibranch, La Jolla Shores


7. Janolus Barbarensis

sea slugs 7


8. Glaucus Atlanticus (Blue Angel)

sea slugs 8


9. Dirona Albolineata

sea slugs 9


10. Hydatina Physis

sea slugs 10

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