Top 10 Amazing Innovations Of The Near Future

7. Body Motion Sensitive Screens

7Leap has introduced an 8ft3 gesture control device which records hand’s movement and is an alternative to mouse and touch screen. The device makes use of infrared to record movement and can sense movement up to accuracy of 0.01 mm. This revolutionizing product has the potential to become the next big thing in the near future. So you can very well imagine yourself using your computers with your hand without physically touching it. A slide of finger in the air and a twist of wrist and voila, your work is done. This technology promises to take gaming to a whole new level! So yes, gamers, get ready!


6. Retractable Keypad

6Imagine a keyboard that would come out of your device screen to greet you with the note “Hey man, hate the touch keypad? Here I am, use me!” Ignoring the theatrics, this is exactly what our number six is about. A retractable keyboard that as of now comes as a separate unit but in the future would come coupled with your device as an integrated unit giving you the opportunity to enjoy both mediums; touch screen and a real 3D keyboard.


5. Photovoltaic Glass

5You all have smart phones with you. How about a smart house? How about a house where you can get the news off the glass in your washroom while you brush your teeth? Or how about video calling your grandma on your refrigerator or your coffee table. The possibilities are endless. ‘How?’ would be a very valid question at this moment! So coming to how. We have photovoltaic glass which can be used as an integrated computer screen. This durable and optical grade glass will permit you to make use of any flat surface as an integrated computer screen. That’s not just it; scientists are also working for this glass to be embedded in your window turning it into a solar panel!


4. Wireless energy transmission

4Suggested by none other than Nikolai Tesla, the idea of wireless energy transmission has been around for quite a while and in fact is being made use of when it comes to low power appliances; electric toothbrushes etc. However, scientists are planning to take it to the next level. This particular level would let you charge your phones, household devices and even electric cars just like that. Hypothetically, you could charge your cell phone whenever you wanted without making use of a charger and admit it, that sounds cool! We would love to have this technology in the market ASAP.

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