iPhone 5 will be same to iPhone 4 in design and RAM

If you are a great fan of Apple then probably you know that Apple is going to release iPhone 5 devices for their beloved users and definitely you would be consciously waiting for new generation iPhone release.

Finally September has reached and next month will be the month of great iPhone 5. Every new day, different stories come from rumors related to fifth generation iPhone. Rumors spread news and it seems now a common belief that iPhone will be same to iPhone 4 design and it will also contain the same amount of Ram that is 512 MB.

And yeah! It’s confirmed as the analyst Ming Chi kuo also claims that new iPhone 5 Ram will be same as iPhone 4 and back and front panel design will not be changed. But! It does not mean that iPhone 5 is totally similar to iPhone 4 if it’s true then why there Apple put efforts for new device. He also told that one significant improvement that you see in new generation is improved antenna and you will never face reception issues that are present in iPhone 4 because new phone has changed the antenna shape. In old iphone the left corner was covered with your palm and reception loss was occurred. Well! We are expecting a great next generation device from Apple and hopefully it would fulfill our expectations.

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