iOS 5 GM Firmware will be loaded to iPhone 5 after its production

Apple has announced iOS 5 release for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that will come with more than 250 new features. Wao! It’s really excited news for Apple users as they can now add over 250 new features to their favorite handset. It seems that final iOS release is close now because Apple will be shipping of iOS 5 GM to assemblers very soon.

Analyst Ming Chi Kuo claims that Apple has planned for iOS 5 shipments to its Far-East assemblers. Moreover he also reported that assemblers are working on fifth generation iPhone and as soon as they complete iOS 5 GM design, they will transfer it on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices and then they will announce them for shipping. Rumors added that iOS 5 GM will deliver to its assemblers between September 23 and September 30.

If iOS 5 GM is coming in next few weeks to assemblers then there is possibility that iPhone 5 products have been manufactured completely and as soon as the iOS 5 GM reached, it will be loaded to iPhone 5 also. These are just predictions as nobody can say it surely that iPhone 5 are ready but reports claim this.

It can be expected that iPhone 5 will release on any date in the month of September. Well! Apple know exactly, just wait with patiently.

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