How to downgrade your iPhone from iOS 5 to 4.X

Now you had tasted the iOS 5 and want to go back to your previous version. Many people are actually facing this problem and after getting iOS 5 they want to downgrade from iOS 5 to iOS 4 to be used for their beloved iPhone. It is not easy for everyone to stay with new version so it is better to shift to previous one.

Well! Have you decided to downgrade your iPhone from iOS 5 to 4.X? Just don’t worry and follow below steps.

Things to download before start

Downgrade iPhone to iOS 4.X

  • Go to iTunes and connect your iPhone device to MAC.
  • From left Window panel, go to DEVICES label and choose your device name. Once you select it, you will see all information regarding your iPhone in right window panel.
  • Now you need to set the DFU mode. To do so, turn off your iPhone and press power button for 3 seconds. Without lifting your finger up from power button, hold home button for 10 seconds. Release power button but don’t release home button till iTunes recognizes its recovery mode.

Hold Option key and select “Restore” button.  Save ipsw and then select. Click “OK” button. Sit back for some moment and it will be done.

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