New Battery That Is Cheap & Charges In Only One Minute, Sign Me UP!

Recently, a new aluminium-ion battery that is said to be able to charge in one minute was unveiled by researchers at Stanford University’s Precourt Institute for Energy. There are aims to one day develop the battery to be able to one day replace the lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries that we use to power pretty much everything.

An iPhone & A Nintendo Game Boy Merged Into One Device With A Case

It is said that more than 600 million smartphone and tablet owners use their devices to play games. In that event, some developers from Los Angeles have designed a case that aims to turn your iPhone into a Nintendo Game Boy by adding the iconic directional arrows, and the A and B buttons. The attachment called

10 Cool LEGO Machines That Deserve An Award For Their Awesomeness

At first when the LEGO brand was established, it begun as a mere toy factory, producing simple sets of plastic bricks and parts to entertain children. Now, that has change to become very improved technologically, some LEGO kits are able to provide internet connectivity, powerful processors, Micro SD card slots, and Wi-Fi USB slots. Young

17-Year-Old Invents Device That Is Able To Purify Water & Generate Energy At The Same Time

It’s intriguing to see young people creating inventions that could help improve life quality in a renewable and sustainable way. A 17-year-old participant in the Google Science Fair named Cynthia Lam from Australia, developed a system  called H2prO, that aims to purify water while simultaneously generating energy. She is also one of the 15 finalists

Put Chrome OS On Your TV With Google’s New $100 HMDI Stick!

Previously companies Amazon, Roku and Google released a ‘stick’ that aims to replace your cable box by providing online streaming to your TV by just plugging it in. This latest dinky dongle ‘TV upgrader’ comes again from Google and offers the power to transform your TV into a PC. The Chrome device can fit in

Dump Your Old Skates To Upgrade To The Post Modern Skateboard

If you are one of those skaters that think rollerskates are too retro and skateboarding is too restrictive, this new pair skates might just be the answer you’re looking for. The Post Modern Skateboard is a mash-up of a skateboard and inline skates, and allows riders to perform effortless-looking spins with a lot of practice. Instead of

Stick & Shoot With The Best Selfie Device Yet Called Podo

As devices for taking selfies continue to roll-out, a San Francisco entrepreneur named Eddie Lee unveils the best yet. Allowing you to take high-resolution selfies from any angle and distance, the tiny new ‘sticky camera’ is here to replace all other selfie gadgets. The 2-inch (5cm) Podo has suction pads that can be attached to any

Complete Your Comprehensive Smart Home With These 5 Brilliant Devices

Our quality of life continues to improve as technology develops. Our mundane tasks have now became automated, allowing much more time for leisure. Many of us dream of being able to have more time on our hands for doing what we desire. As a result, we go in search of devices that aim to complete

10 Of The Trendiest Phone Cases Mankind Has Ever Seen

Before, we used to have to stick with our boring single-coloured phone case. Now, you can get far more cooler ones that will literally turn your phone into an art piece. The coolest thing about some of these phone cases is that they might give your phone an extra functionality such as for holding cards, for

Now No One Will Be Able Steal A Cookie From The Cookie Jar Without Earning It

Are you one of those people that can resist everything except temptation? Whether your addiction is smoking, playing video games or eating too much candy, this cylindrical device that looks like a cookie jar called kSafe is here to help you by keeping your temptations locked away. Once the tempting item has been locked away,