‘iPhone 6′ Will Have You Picking Up Sticks As Rumors of ‘Price Increase’ Surface

Apple fans are awaiting with bated breathes for the release of  ‘iPhone 6′. The usual culprits are expected to be classified as new features: thinner phone, bigger screen and  improved camera pixels but what many aren’t expecting is a price increase. According to Jeffries analyst Peter Misek, Apple smart phone users should brace themselves for

Emergency Pizza Button is Best Invention Since Sliced Bread

Too stoned lazy to order a pizza? Well here is now an emergency button for it. This button is called PiePal, and it’s the idea of some wild minds at iStrategyLabs. To order your pizza with PiePal, dial its knob, selecting the number of pizzas you want to order, and then send your order by smashing

DIY Snowflake Snapping

    Images taken from the world of very small things are always a source of endless fascination, capable of turning the everyday into the extraordinary through new perspective. The art of capturing these snapshots is called “Macro Photography”, and is often thought to be the exclusive domain of professionals with expensive training and even

Google Glass Sign-Up Opened to Public

In a mostly unheralded move on its website, Google has opened the “Google Glass Explorer” program for its experimental augmented-reality glasses to the public. All the same rules will apply as in the more closed offering, of course: you’ll still pay an arm and leg for the privilege of trying out the wearable computer (a

Singtrix Lets Even Bad Singers Sound Like Rock Stars

  Singtrix is a $299 karaoke/party singing kit.  But unlike any other singing gadgets available today, it can make anyone sound like a pro. Bad singers sound good, good singers sound great and great singers sound amazing. This video got us all excited. Finally it is possible to host a karaoke party where you don’t have

The Google Glass Now Has an ‘Acc’ Store

In an effort to mimic the app stores for the Android phones and iPhones, Google Glass now has its own ‘acc’ (accessory) store. Accessible only to Glass Explorers — early buyers of Google Glass — the store carries an extra cable and charger, a microfiber pouch, a new Clear Shield (compatible with the latest variant of Glass) and

This Is What The Next Version of Google Glass Looks Like

In a post on Google+, the company revealed what the next-generation of its wearable computing device will look like. As you can see the main difference is the addition of the optional mono earbud. Google has also confirmed that the next version will be compatible with prescription glasses – great news for the visually deficient among

9 Gadgets that Failed Spectacularly

  For every runaway success like the iPhone, XBox, NES, or Walkman, there’s a device sitting miserably on the other end of the bell curve. Here are a few of them. 9. Microsoft’s Surface Tablet The burgeoning tablet and smartphone markets have given companies like Apple and Samsung whole pallets of cash on which to

Rubber Band Gun Brings Childhood Memories Back With a Bang

Want to shoot all your frustrations by actually shooting in air? Here’s the perfect gun for you, don’t worry you won’t be imprisoned for keeping this weapon because it’s merely a toy. This thing has no comparison. The RBmG (Rubber Band Machine Gun) is an entirely automatic, rapid fire gun that shoots rubber bands effortlessly.

Cool Tech: Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker from Abco Tech will work with your iPhone 5 to play your favorite tunes in the shower. Or you can even make phone calls – cause now even shower time is work time apparently. The speaker runs for 15 hours before you need to charge it again which is pretty neat.  On the