Watch Designed To Counter The Forces Of Gravity In Outer Space

Watch company, Swiss, unveiled a new limited-edition watch that is able to work in ‘outer space’. The new watch called HM6 Space Pirate, has a design which is based on a spaceship being piloted by the 1970s fictional character Captain Future. Although it boasts a unique and unusual design, watch and outer space enthusiasts might

Check Out This Foldable Electric Bike That Is Able To Fit Inside a Bag!

Although foldable bikes might not be a new invention, this latest version takes the idea further with additions such as having an electric motor, and even being able to fit inside a bag. The recently unveiled ‘Impossible’ bike is said to be able to transport a rider weighing 85kg, at a speed of 12.5mph for

7 Dog Gadgets That Offer Remarkable Help With Dogs

There are some dog owners that will go the extra mile to care for their furry friends, no matter how rough times get economically. As the production of wearable devices for humans begin to increase tremendously, there are also many inventors who focus on inventing wearable devices for dogs too. Devices such as the dog

Get Wine To Taste As Awesome As Wine Stored For 20 Years, In 20 Minutes!

Rare bottles of wines stored in French chateaus for decades are bought for hundreds of dollars by wine connoisseurs, but the supermarket plonk will suffice for most people. Recently, it was announced that there is a new gadget that is able to offer age acceleration for wines, using high frequency sound waves. The new device

Men Will Never Have Trouble Aiming At Nights With This Device

Most, if not all men have trouble with navigating their way to the toilet to pee in the dark. Thanks to this recently unveiled device that features colour changing LEDs, men could be able to never have trouble when peeing at night again. The invention called IllumiBowl is a water-resistant device that is attached to

Check Out This Umbrella That Uses Air As A Shelter From Rain!

Sometimes using an umbrella when it is raining can make us upset. This might sound contradicting, but so is the fact that half of us tend to get wet when when we are using an umbrella when it is raining. Now that is frustrating… Thanks to some china developers, our frustrations with an umbrella could

This Phone Accessory Is Definitely Like No Other…

Some of us love to accessorize our phones, but most of accessories are useless and just get in the way sometimes. Would you change your accessories if the latest phone accessory is another phone? A San Jose based-firm, WirelessMe, has designed a mini handset that attaches to your smartphone with a specially-designed case to offer extra

This Ambulance Drone Could Be The Answer To Saving Heart Attack Victims

Heart attack is a health complication that requires serious and fast medical response, and sometimes the responsiveness of the medical team can be very slow. Recently, a Dutch engineering graduate of the TU Deflt University, Alec Momont, unveiled a prototype ‘ambulance drone’ that is able to reach heart-attack victims within precious life-saving minutes. It is

Having Problems With Math? Check Out This Math Genius App

There are many kids across the world that struggle with Math. A British start-up company called Microblink has created a new app called PhotoMath, that automatically solves mathematical problems from printed worksheets or books. The app allows you to simply capture a picture of the math problem with your smartphone camera to get an answer

World’s Smallest, Most Inexpensive & User-Friendly 3D Printer

When some of us first became aware of 3D printers being available for domestic use, we became exciting and were enthused, up until the moment we discovered the size and the hefty cost that one of the devices carry. If you are still interested and your printing plans are more on the micro side, this