This Collection Of Devices Called Mesh Tag Will Have You Automating Everything In Your Home & Office

There has been a rise of connected devices used to automate a plethora of things on the market places. There might be a lot of them, but there is just none that is able to cover certain things in our work and home environment. While those of us that are familiar with electronics would be

‘Project Ara’ – Google’s Fully Customizable Smartphone That Will Definitely Change The Game

A few years ago, a concept was revealed proposing a fully customizable smartphone that involved phone blocks. The idea had died down after there was nothing more seen about it for awhile, it was actually bought by Google and has secretly been on the drawing board for the past few years. In videos and a

‘Pilot’ Will Put An End To Language Barriers By Translating Right On The Spot & In Your Ear

These days you can talk to anyone at any time, but there is just one problem still remaining. What about talking to people that don’t speak the same language as you? I’m sure you won’t be able to write down everything they are saying in Google translate to comprehend what they are saying. There are

Listen To Hi-Res Music While On-The-Go With Onkyo DP-X1 Music Player

Every audiophile will know the struggle of having to listening music in a lower quality than they wish. As much as listening to music on your smartphone isn’t that bad, it is always an awesome feeling when you get to listen to your music in a better quality. There are a variety of options of

End Your Days Of Oversleeping With This Wearable Alarm That Has Shock Capabilities

Those days of oversleeping on your alarms, getting out of bed with a groggy feeling, and being slow and unaware might just be over. Your solution could be this little wristband called Shock Clock by Pavlok. The wearable has noise, vibration, and even shock alarm capabilities. Each night, you can set the Shock Clock to

New Record For Hoverboard Distance Set By Flyboard Air!

Like me, I can bet many hoverboard-enthusiasts were at the tip of their chairs when they saw that first teaser for the Flyboard Air that was released last month. Here is something else to get you excited. It turns out that the hoverboard is actually much realer that we though, and there is a new

Step Up Your Table Tennis Game With The Help Of This Awesome High-Tech Ping Pong Table

There is a new high-tech ping pong table that promises to save those of us who suck at playing table tennis from our party game embarrassments. Its caliber includes telling you exactly what you need to do to improve and beat your opponent during play with its stunning visuals and integrated video sensors that are

Stay Pumped While Swimming Like Never Before With The FINIS Duo Music Player

Most of us prefer to listen to music while we are working out because it helps to pump energy, distract from fatigue, and motivate you to keep moving. There are tons of ways to stay energetic while running, cycling, or pumping iron in the gym by listening to music. We can’t say the same for

SeeNote Is The Perfect Digital Screen Notification Device To Supersede Post-it Notes

Screens for showing your notifications just can never be on shortage. Notification such as task reminders and emails can all show up on your PC, your smartphone, or even your smartwatch display. With all that said and done, we think that we won’t be needing those Post-it Notes anymore but for some reason we still

3D Ice Cream Created By Three Students From MIT

3D printing has already taken all sorts of forms. Clothes, devices, and even food. One of the most worldwide favored foods, ice cream, was made 3D. Three MIT students named Kristine Bunker, Kyle Hounsell and David Donghyun Kim, have created a printer that uses the principals of a fused deposition model to make ice cream. The