Nintendo’s Long-Anticipated ‘Splatoon 2’ Release Date Leaked!

A recent leak has confirmed that Nintendo’s anticipated Splatoon 2 will be released in Summer 2017. An initial reveal disclosed that the game would be released during this same time. The previous report that was made on Splatoon 2’s release date was said to be listed on UK retailer as being set for August

Teachers Are Dying To Have The “Jaswig” Desk In Their Classroom

In 2012, teachers from all across the nation became interested in a wooden standing desk that a man had made for his girlfriend. The maker of the desk, Mathias Elligiers shared: “My girlfriend Daphne was suffering from back and neck pain while studying for a PhD. We wanted to try a standing desk but couldn’t

These Armchairs Have An Entire Fitness Gym Hidden Beneath Them

You wouldn’t be able to tell that this average looking armchair has exercise equipment hiding right beneath it by just looking at it. With an integrated drawer below the seat, the Stow Fitness Chair features a full-size exercise equipment to immediately convert your living room into a home gym. The Stow Fitness Chair has just

This Pocket Electricity Generator Solves Our “Ran Out Of Battery” Issues

Unless you are a very organized person, I don’t think there is anybody on Earth that has a cellphone and has not once ran out of battery. Especially at a time that is really inconvenient. Sometimes we may carry around a charging cable with us but then there comes the other problem of finding a

New Wi-Fi Router Offers Parental Control To All Devices Used By Kids

There is no telling what your children might be doing on the internet when parents are not watching. While there are devices like tablets and laptops that allows you to install parental controls, there are TVs, consoles and streaming boxes that don’t really offer this sort of control. This new device will take care of

The Pocket Scanner Comes Out On Top For Being The Smallest On The Market

While it is not the first handheld scanner that has been released on the market, this one will particularly appeal to those who are still look for one that is smaller. The Dacuda PocketScan is a functional handheld scanner that is able to fit inside your pocket so that you can digitize any printed matter

I Present To You – The Ultimate Smartphone For Photographers!

This new smartphone will definitely appeal to photographers. In association with Bullitt Group, Kodak has created a new smartphone that has the ultimate camera features that any phone could ever have. The KODAK EKTRA smartphone is said to feature a 21-megapixel fast focus camera sensor with f2.0 aperture. There is also a top-of-the-line 13-megapixel front-facing

Spooky Pokémons Come Out For Halloween Event On Pokémon Go!

Those of us who have found ourselves scaling back on Pokemon Go for the past couple of weeks will definitely find ourselves hooked for Halloween. Since the 26th of October, Niantic Lab has been hosting a Halloween event for the popular alternate reality mobile game. Up until the 1st of November, players all around the

Google Unveils New Daydream View VR Headset & ‘Pixel’ Phones

Just no more than a day ago, Google dropped their new Pixel and Pixel XL phones alongside their first headset for their Daydream VR platform. The virtual reality device which was first unveiled to the public as a line drawing a few months ago at I/O, will cost $79 when it begins shipping in November.

Google Creates ‘Carpool’ App With Waze To Allow Commuters To Give Rides To Each Other

Now, you can commute with a driver going in the same direction you want to be going with Google’s new app. The ‘carpool’ app is said to take a hit at Uber, which also has a carpool function. Using Waze’s navigation system, the app will learn the routes that drivers frequently use to travel to