3D Ice Cream Created By Three Students From MIT

3D printing has already taken all sorts of forms. Clothes, devices, and even food. One of the most worldwide favored foods, ice cream, was made 3D. Three MIT students named Kristine Bunker, Kyle Hounsell and David Donghyun Kim, have created a printer that uses the principals of a fused deposition model to make ice cream. The

Every Apartment Needs To Have Its Window A/Cs Replaced With This Impressive One

Air-conditioners for residential homes come as a best fit as the window-types. Apart from being heavy and awkwardly-sized, they take up a good chunk of window space. This is something that the Noria Air Conditioner wishes to change. The air conditioner is convenient to install or move from one room to another as it measures

Augmented Reality App Called InkHunter Lets You “Try On” Tattoos

Tattoos are cool, but the pain and commitment that comes with getting one is just something that many of us do not look forward to. This is why temporary tattoos are great alternatives. Temporary tattoos will last for a while, but what if you don’t want to have it for that amount of time? Maybe,

This Little Robot Called ‘Root’ Teaches Kids To Code

The educational system has not been keeping up with the rapid changes in society and technology, but this might begin to change in due time as a powerful robot called Root has just been released to teach kids how to code. The design of the Root is created specifically to inspire the imaginations of children in

The ‘Omata One’ Serves As An Actual Analog GPS Speedometer For Your Bicycle

Before, people used to put speedometers on their bicycles just for decoration. The next time you see one of a passerby’s bike, don’t be quick to guess that it’s just another decoration. This new device called Omata One will display how fast you’re going in real time on it real analog speedometer. The whole mechanical

This Has Got To Be One Of The Most Versatile Furnitures Ever Made

You may regularly mistake this for being just an ordinary stool, side table or an ottoman. While you can still use it for these purposes, its main purpose is very interesting. The ‘Champ’ is a handy cooler that comes with an insulated compartment inside for holding ice and any beverages you want to keep chilled.

Turn Your Smartphone & Tablet Into A Functional Laptop With This Dummy Terminal

This device was billed as the “world’s most affordable laptop” by its creators, and you’ll see why. The NexDock is shaped like a laptop and have similar simple features such as keyboard like typical laptops but it is actually more like a dummy terminal. What do I mean by that? You can have your smartphone,

Check The New ‘HP Spectre’ That Out-Slims Every Other Laptop Ever Made

There is something about the appearance of gadgets that have a very slim structure. They give off this sort of classiness and expensive look that would have many of us just making “slim-built” a requirement when we are going about purchasing a new gadget. When it comes on to laptops, we wouldn’t mind going with

Instantly Digitize All Your Notes, Scribbles & Brainstorms Made On Paper With This Smart Writing Set

Having previously partnered with major companies such as Adobe, Evernote and Livescribe, this device that allows us to digitize anything scribbled on its notebook is no stranger to the technology industry. This time around, the Moleskine will be released with its own smart writing set. The set consists of a typical-looking notebook and a pen,

Discreetly Sneak A Video Or Photo Without Having To Reveal Yourself With This Photo Case

Trying to look like we are minding our own business while wanting to take a sneak video or photo is just difficult. Whether it’s for a good reason or just for being creepy, your phone case will be hard to miss when you have the camera pointing in someone’s direction. You however have a chance