This New “iPhone Case” Has Got Your Phone’s Private Information Protected From All Harm

If you ever felt unsafe in a way where you feel like you are being watched by someone who might want to hurt you, this government whistleblower named Edward Snowden has got you covered. The designer has released an iPhone case that is able to notify you when someone is trying to pull your information

Pokémon Go Players Will Be So Thankful For This Portable Pokéball Charger

These days when you see a group of people running around on the streets while looking down on their phone and just going crazy when they stop for a moment to tap around on it, you’ll know that they are playing Pokémon Go. However, it is getting much harder for these people to keep up

Kids Can Now Play With 3D Printing Using This Foam Sculpture Making Pen

3D printing hasn’t exactly been all kiddie-proof, though there are a lot of cool 3D printing machines being unveiled. There have been 3D gummy candy printing machine, 3D ice-cream printing machines and even 3d action figure printing machines, but none of these have been able to make themselves available for being used by kids. Kids

The Winning Photos Of The 3rd Annual International Drone Photography Contest Are Just Breathtaking

  Category: Nature/ Wildlife – 1st Prize Winner Kalbyris Forest Denmark by Mbernhold For the 3rd annual International Drone Photography Contest, the first social network devoted to aerial photography, Dronestagram, partnered with National Geography. In hopes of being one of the winners for the competition, many brilliant professional photographers and even amateur drone enthusiasts for

Identify Any Font Or Color You Wish To In The Real World With This Device

We’ve all once been faced with the desire to identify a color, hue or font that we see when we are going about our daily lives off our computers. To our aid, a designer has came up with a way to allow this with a device. The gadget named Spector can keep a catalog of

Rub Your Fingers Together Over This Tiny Device To Hear The Sweet Sound Of A Violin

Nowadays, there is technological alternative for everything. We used to have to wash our clothes with our hands but now there are washing machines to do that for us. We used to have to pin them on lines to let them hang in the sun and dry, but now there are clothes. Need I provide

This Collection Of Devices Called Mesh Tag Will Have You Automating Everything In Your Home & Office

There has been a rise of connected devices used to automate a plethora of things on the market places. There might be a lot of them, but there is just none that is able to cover certain things in our work and home environment. While those of us that are familiar with electronics would be

‘Project Ara’ – Google’s Fully Customizable Smartphone That Will Definitely Change The Game

A few years ago, a concept was revealed proposing a fully customizable smartphone that involved phone blocks. The idea had died down after there was nothing more seen about it for awhile, it was actually bought by Google and has secretly been on the drawing board for the past few years. In videos and a

‘Pilot’ Will Put An End To Language Barriers By Translating Right On The Spot & In Your Ear

These days you can talk to anyone at any time, but there is just one problem still remaining. What about talking to people that don’t speak the same language as you? I’m sure you won’t be able to write down everything they are saying in Google translate to comprehend what they are saying. There are

Listen To Hi-Res Music While On-The-Go With Onkyo DP-X1 Music Player

Every audiophile will know the struggle of having to listening music in a lower quality than they wish. As much as listening to music on your smartphone isn’t that bad, it is always an awesome feeling when you get to listen to your music in a better quality. There are a variety of options of