This Company Is Selling Computers For Only US$9!

For only US$9 you can now get a small computer called CHIP. The computer that comes from the creators of OTTO, a camera that captures gifs, comes with specs by way of 1 GB processing power, 4 GB of storage and 512 MB of RAM. With the size of a post-it note, the tiny computer

Stuntmen Fly Over Dubai Wearing Jetpacks In Video Entitled ‘Young Feathers 4K’

Two of the most popular names in sports are Yves Rossy and his disciple Vince Reffet, who are always looking for a fitness challenge. In this recent challenge that they did, they blew us all away and even outdid themselves. With what I would call the most spectacular air stunt that I’ve ever seen in

Bike Riding Made More Like Game Playing With New Joystick Bike

A bike can be easily described as a travelling mechanism that features two wheels and a handle bar, but now that has to change as a new bike has surfaced featuring two wheels and a joystick instead. The Joystick bike has a right hand joystick allowing you to play more along the lines of playing

Pens Just Got Smarter – Making Calls, Receiving Notifications & More!

We all get annoyed when we try to type with touchscreens and the typos keep appearing. Thankfully, this issue has been solved with a new smart pen that helps you to avoid spelling mistakes by allowing you to write your notes on any surface then automatically transferring it to your phone’s screen. The new Phree

This Collapsible, Reusable Bottle Called ‘Hydaway’ Is So Much & More

Every minute approximately 90,000 bottles are thrown in the trash. As a result we as stewards of the Earth will need to find a way to save the Earth from a rude awakening that is about to come. Who would have thought that the solution would be as simply as using a reusable container? A patron

Sleeping With Your Snoring Partner Solved With Special EEG Headphone ‘Kokoon’

It can be a struggle to sleep when your partner is a snorer. This problem can however be easily solved with one simple gadget – special headphones. Though headphones are not normally built to sleep with, this new set called Kokoon comes as the world’s first sleep sensing headphones. Using technologies such as EEG sensors,

New Glass Fountain Pen Gives Beverages With Staining Capabilities A Second Purpose

Do you think ink is old fashioned? Then, no need to waste your time buying pens anymore, not when you can now replace it with wine, juice or tea. A Kickstarter user named Jessica Chan has discovered a way to allow us to write with a pen without having to use the regular ink. The new

Save Water, Save Money & Save The World With This New Water Usage Monitor Called Signify

Designer Anthony Weston has invented a smart bathroom sink mixer called Signify. At the moment, the device is in its working prototype stage and Weston is looking to get some support to get the project into fruition. If all goes as planned, the production of the Signify bathroom sink mixer will begin in the UK, using

Microsoft’s New App ‘How-Old’ Determines Your Age Using Just A Photo

Celebrities spending lots of money to maintain their look is no secret. From placenta serums to plastic surgery, the fountain of youth definitely runs deep. It can be hard to tell someone’s age when they have on all the make-up on their face. This new app is however trying to get through all the cosmetics

Your Personal Swimming Coach Now Bottled Up In A Wristwatch!

One of the best ways to keep fit is to go swimming. While this is so, most of us would like to be able to keep track of the number of laps we have swam, and that can be quite difficult to follow through with when you are busy swimming. The same applies if you would