Virtual Drum Kit Solves Every Drummer’s Load & Noise Trouble

Many drummers can tell you, it’s not easy being a drummer. For one, having to deal with neighbours about the noise produced and having to hire a van to carry the lugging kit around makes you have to wonder if it was better that you chose to learn the guitar or piano that still might

Microsoft’s HoloLens Is All Augmented Reality For Everything

If you may not notice, a halt has been placed to the production of the Google Class as they say that the world may not be ready for augmented reality. Due to the vast capabilities of the Oculus Rift of the same technology, people are more to gravitate towards it as a small assessment states that its

Miniature Version Of Classic Arcade Gaming Machines Invented!

Old retro arcade gaming machines were some of the coolest things that were ever invented for game lovers. There was nothing else that we anticipated more than a Saturday to be able to go to the arcade to play games on the machines, but what if we were able to have our own arcade gaming

Let This Music Controller Called BeoSound Moment Be Your DJ

Have you ever wonder what it felt like to have all your music in one place? This slick looking music controller called BeoSound Moment is dedicated to providing you will that sort of luxury as it consolidates all of your music in one place. The technology Bang & Olufsen offers access not only to music on

Phone With 4 Days Of Power On A Single Charge? Sign Me Up!

As the company continues to rise to the occasion unveiling new phones, they will definitely capture the attention of many consumers with their latest creation. At the Consumer Electronics Show that was held last week, BLU revealed a smartphone called BLU Studio Energy that they claim is able to last for four days on a single

Motorola Unveils ‘Smartphone for Dogs’ With HD Camera & GPS

At the Consumer Electronics Show held last week in Las Vegas, this new ‘smartphone for dogs’ was unveiled. The device called Scout 5000 is able to monitor a dog’s health, track their location, and even allow owners to speak to their dogs remotely. There is also a built-in camera on the ‘smartphone for dogs’ that

Taking A Selfie Just Got Better With Lenovo’s New ‘Fiebot’ Robot

As the craze for taking a selfie never seems to fade, technology company Lenovo has invented a robot that was made solely for the purpose of taking selfies. The Fiebot is described as a four-legged tripod for mobile devices. The smartphone is placed at the top of the robot, which can turn to adjust to

Hands Occupied? Now, You Can Play Games Using Your Feet!

Most game players will tell you that if you sit down to play games using a game controller for a long time you will eventually develop pains in your hands. This new invention will allow you to switch to using your feet. The cool new device called the 3DRudder, created by a pair of French designers,

This Is The Best 21st Century Rocking Chair For Grandmothers

The coolest latest tech devices doesn’t always have to be the high-tech ones, and that is exactly what this low-tech innovation is here to prove. The brilliant ‘Rocking Knit’ chair is just about as revolutionary as it uses kinetic energy generated from the chair’s gliding motion to knit a hat that can be worn for

Amazing RocketSkates Takes Us One Step Closer To The Future

Futuristic gadgets are a dream many will not give up on and something most want to at least experience just once in their life time. While we are still some ways off publicly popular jet packs and hover boards, one Los Angeles inventor has developed a stop gap for the time being – motorized roller