Check Out This Levitating Speaker Called OM/ONE

The dream to have futuristic things such as flying cars and hover boards may seem distant but before Christmas you could be listening to music through a levitating speaker. An Oakland, California based company has created a device that is able to hover above its base and play music at the same time. The tennis ball

Wake Up To Coffee Made By This Coffee-Brewing Alarm Clock

The first thing that comes to mind when a caffeine addict wakes up in the morning, is to have a hot cup of coffee. The routine for each morning starts with the buzzing of your alarm clock and then you dragging your half-asleep self into the kitchen to make that fresh cup of joe, but

New App Uses Facial Recognition To Help You Find Your Lost Dog

There are many pet owners who have once lost their dog and spent days hanging posters, making phone calls and knocking on neighbours doors in hopes of finding their companion. Scientists Dr Steven Callahan and Dr John Schreiner of the University of Utah’s software development center have successfully created a new app called Finding Rover that allows

Wearable Band That Monitors Your Baby’s Well-Being

Catering to the needs of a newborn as a first time parent can be a hard task. As a parent you will have other things to do such as work or house chores, and it can be very hassling to watch your baby when you have a lot of that work to do. A California-based

Special Bag That Doubles As A Water Purifier & Food Transporter

In poor countries, there are many starving families and communities that are unable to access clean drinking water. Outraged by this fact, Korean industrial designers Jung Uk Park, Myeong Hoon Lee and Dae Youl Lee have created a special bag called the Life Sack Water Purifier that is sure to help those people in need. The

A US$299 Device That Beams Apps To Your Windscreen

Apple and Google have already seen the potential in connecting dashboards to phones, but if you can’t afford such a car just yet, Navdy offers a less expensive alternative. Created in San Francisco, United States, Navdy is a dashboard-mounted heads-up display (HUD) that connects to an Android or  iOS smartphone via Bluetooth. Notifications from social

Mobile Carrier Slavery Is Over, Unlocking Smartphones Is Legal!

A tectonic shift has been made in the US Smartphone world after the president signed a bill that made it legal to unlock smartphones and free the shackles that bound you to a specific carrier. The bill essentially revives a rule that the Library of Congress issued in 2010 but did not renew in 2012 exempting

A Functional Microscope Built Using Only Lego Pieces!

Artist Carl Merriam built a functional microscope using only lego parts. Merriam who is famously known for his intricate Lego renderings of mythical create Cthulhu and other creations submitted the microscope to Lego Ideas, an initiative by the Lego Group to crowd source, model and distribute new designs. In order to qualify designs must receive the

Smart Voice-Controlled Light Bulb Adaptor Called Vocca

The ability to control just about any household object with a smartphone has become a requisite for building new devices. Inventors in Tel Aviv, Israel have created a smart light bulb adapter that can be controlled with voice commands. The new device called the Vocca Smart Light Bulb Adapter allows you to switch it on

Coca Cola Gives 2nd Life To Empty Bottles With 16 Cool Caps

There is more to an empty plastic bottle as it can be transformed into just about anything even more delightful and useful. A month ago, beverage company Coca Cola proved that by starting a campaign to release a new ’2nd Lives’ kit which enables you to do something useful, fun and creative with your empty