Panasonic Unveils The Real “Magic Mic” That Translates Three Different Languages

Giants of electronics, Panasonic, has unveiled a megaphone that has massive potential of overcoming communication barriers as a universal translator. The megaphone described as ‘magic’, can automatically translate what is being spoken into the microphone into three different languages and play them out through the speaker. The name of the loudspeaker, the ‘Megaphoneyaku’, was created

End Your Days Of Having To Stand & Wait At The Airport With This Cool Suitcase

If you are a frequent traveller, chances are you have seen kids walking around with suitcases called Trunki that double as ride-on toys that they can scoot themselves around on when at the the airport. A version of this suitcase has been created for us older folks. The suitcase called Jurni, is basically the grownup

Go Into Deep Hibernation For The Rest Of The Cold Winter With This Bear Sleeping Bag

When we plan to go into deep hibernation, we must pull out our best bedtime comforters and our most comy onsies. We can now however take our nap times to whole new level with this stunningly realistic bear sleeping bag. Just its look makes it a ticket to experiencing some deep, bear-like sleep. Inspired by a

Physical Emoji Keyboard Featuring 120 Popular Symbols Can Be Yours For $100!

Nowadays, we no longer express what we want to say over a device using words, but using emojis because apparently nobody has time to write out an entire sentence anymore. There is now a physical keyboard that can help you with your emoji creating troubles. Created by Austin-based company EmojiWorks, three keyboards were unveiled featuring up

New App Called Bark N’ Borrow Allows You To Temporarily Adopt A Dog To Chill & Play With

Now here is an app all dog lovers can agree on. As pooch lovers, we feel the need to always have a dog in our lives at all times. This new app called Bark N’ Borrow will give you just that to bring a fluffier future. With the Uber-type matchmaking service, you can borrow any

Dutch Designer Creates Underground Fridge Inspired Root Cellar That Doesn’t Use Electricity

Some of us would love to have a root cellar, but we just can’t bother to have to put up with potential rats and roots invading the space. Your wish might just be possible again without having to worry about these problems thanks to a designer named Floris Schoonderbeek. The cool ground fridge that she

Peel A Boiled Egg In Seconds With No Struggle Using This Gadget

The tedious task of taking the shell of a boiled egg will leave some of us “egg-asperated”. If you are one of these people, this new kitchen gadget will save you of your egg troubles. In under 15 seconds, you can use the Negg Maker to easily remove the shell from an egg, saving you

Japanese Developers Create World’s First Virtual Pop Star Set To Tour The US In 2016

If you’re one of those folks that believe that the future is not yet here, this should change your mind. 16-year-old pop star Hatsune Miku has huge blue eyes and turquoise pigtails that flow to her ankles, and I’m guessing that like me, you think this is a bit surreal. Well, that is because Hatsune

Kid-Safe Steam Powered Cooker Receives Top Award At Electrolux Design Lab Competition

Parents long for the day that cooking in the kitchen would become kid-safe so that they can get them more involved when making breakfast, lunch or dinner. The solution is however not so farfetched as this year’s Electrolux Design Lab brought forward an “super kettle” called Bloom. The invention which scored its designer the top

Test-Run Your Tattoos Before Committing With Momentary Ink

Thanks to Momentary Ink, you can say goodbye to your days of drawing designs on your arm with permanent marker to test-run a potential tattoo. The Philadelphia-based startup creates custom-designed temporary tattoos that look and feel like real ink. You can have your tattoo created by uploading an image of your tatto design to the