This Smart Lock Aims To Make Your House Key A Thing Of The Past

A recent Kickstarter campaign unveiled a smart lock that promises to make keys a thing of the past by allowing you to open your front door with a secret knock. The technology called Sesame allows you to open your front door with a single tap on your phone as you approach it, quashing the need

Check Out The World’s First Customizable Phone That Embraces Simplicity

This phone is definitely the simplest phone that has ever been made. Designed by Tom Sutherland  based in London, the OwnFone is the world’s first custom printed mobile phone that connects you instantly to the most important people in your life with just the click of a button. You are also given the choice to

The Holy Grail Of Beekeeping Is Finally Here!

If you love honey, you will also love this new invention that creates an easier alternative for retrieving the tasty treat from a beehive. A father-and-son beekeeper team in Australia, Stuart and Cedar Anderson, unveiled their invention called the Flow Hive that will allow honey bees around the world to breathe a collective sigh of

Thousands Of Accessory Styles Offered By One Unique Bracelet

While there may be many cool and pretty bracelets being sold on the market, there is none quite special and unique like this recently unveiled one. Instead of having to buy tons of different bracelets to wear with your different outfits, why not save yourself the trouble by using one that gives you different design

The Most Unique Choir In The World Consists Of Android Devices

This has got to be the most unusual choir that has ever hit a stage to sing. Another unusual fact about this choir is that it is comprised of just phones. The gadget choir by Google, is called the ‘Android Chorus’ and features 300 phones and tablets dancing and singing together. The idea was devised

Charging Any Device While On-The-Go Is Officially Invincible!

We all become worrisome whenever we are on-the-go on long hour flights and travelling, and our laptops and phones might shut down on us because their battery life is low. A very good solution is however in sight. Recently, a backpack that claims to be able to charge your phone and your laptop was unveiled.

Hands-Free Phone Calls Is No Longer Limited To Uncomfy Earpieces

Majority of the options available for making conversations over the phone hands-free is with an earpiece. A company called Buhel have however came up with another alternative for this that doesn’t require you to stick something in your ear. The new device called SG05 SoundGlasses, is a glasses that uses bone conduction to relay sound to the

Kayak, Sailboat, Sled & Sundeck All Fitted In One Backpack

At the Boot Dusseldorf show that was recently held, an interesting kayak called the Backyak by Klepper was revealed. The versatile boat which doubles as a kayak, sailboat, sled and a sundeck that floats, is an all in one backpack that you can easily carry around. The Backyak is made of carbon and is the latest

Design Studio In London Creates Stunning Cosmic Experience Inside A Giant Dome

In an attempt to craft magical, temporary spaces for the public, a London-based design studio Loop.pH has mixed science, technology, and art to create a giant inflatable dome that looks like miniature scaled cosmos. The brilliant dome invention called OSMO was created for a recent light festival that was held in London. The infinite mirror

Food Poisoning Can Now Be Easily Prevented With This Gadget

When you open your refrigerator to grab something to eat, it is likely that you will find an item or two that have past their ‘best before’ date but still looks edible. Deciding whether to chance it or bin it has however became easier thanks to this new kitchen gadget. Called Foodsniffer, the device can