Communicate Without Wi-Fi or Cellphone Network With goTenna

Staying or travelling in areas without cellphone network coverage or internet access via Wi-Fi can be dangerous as in any bad event you won’t be able to contact anyone for help. Brooklyn brother and sister team, Daniela and Jorge Perdomo, have created a new gadget that can turn your phone into a ‘walkie-talkie’, even when

Smart Device That Allows You To Answer The Doorbell Anywhere

The ability to be able to control anything while being away from home with your smartphone have tremendously grown over the years. Now, smartphone owners are able to monitor their pets while being away from home and even be alerted when their child may be drowning. A London-based company has created a new device called

End Mispronouncing Names With This New App

It can get frustrating whenever you are being introduced at a function and the introducer calls your name incorrectly, and that’s not all, sometimes it even sounds embarrassingly corny. It can also become a struggle when trying to explain the correct pronunciation, and you have to tell them to stick to calling you whatever they

Impressive Lamp That Looks Like A Thunderstorm Cloud

A day of rain and thunder is the perfect time for you to snuggle up in your cozy bed or even drink a hot cup of chocolate as the dark clouds block the light of the sun making your sleeping conditions even better for sleeping. Designer Richard Clarkson, has developed a lamp that is shaped

This Has To Be The Coolest Pen. It Copies The Colour of Anything!

Have you ever wanted to get the right colour to draw an object but the drawing pencils or crayons that are provided in the average boxes are limited? Well, Scribble has developed a new pen and even a stylus for mobile devices that has over 16 million colours. The high-tech pen is able to scan

Beautiful Smart Ring That Tracks All Your Phone’s Activities

Have you ever been in a situation where your phone was buried in your purse or bag and you missed many important calls because you didn’t hear it ringing? Then this smart “ring” might help solve your conundrum. Ringly, which is also a stylish piece of jewellery, can light up and vibrate whenever you are

A Fantastic Board That Combines Both Surfing and Flight

Water sports couldn’t get any less than awesome with this new innovative gadget. French jet ski champion Franky Zapata has invented an aquatic version of a sci-fi skate board that was used in the film Back To The Future by character Marty McFly. The new Hoverboard by ZR looks similar to a wakeboard and the

This New Wearable Accessory May Prevent Your Child From Drowning.

Product creation is not just about design and style but in many cases safety, one such device is the iSwimband. This accessory is just the thing to offer release from tension and anxiety when you leave your kids in water. The band accessory which is worn as a wristband by toddlers and as a headband for

Soon You Will Be Able To Customize Your Phone’s Hardware

Things get priceless and closer to your heart when personalized, customization is captivating and Motorola takes care of that. Moto X came up with the same idea, with its customizable color combinations. The company is exploring the same concept a colossal step further by letting customers fabricate their own phone. The Google Company just declared Ara

20 DIY Life Hacks That Will Leave You In Awe

Everyone uses technology these days and maintaining them or enhancing their capabilites can be quite expensive. So, we decided to help  out by providing 20 do it yourself life hacks that will keep more money in your pocket and out of the hands of pricey merchants.   Speakers You would be surprise to know that