World First Smart Suitcase With Built-In Technologies & App

When most of us are packing to go on vacation we tend to cram even things that we know would serve no purpose on the trip. It is at that moment when we arrive at the airport and have to put our luggages on the scale that we say to ourselves, maybe I shouldn’t have

Control Your Playlist With Hand Waves Using This Android App!

It can be complicated to manage your playlist while doing household chores such as mopping the floors and laundry because your hands might be wet. This recently unveiled app called Brainwave will allow you to control your playlist as it replaces having to pick up a remote or swipe your phone screen with a simple

Check Out This New Lamp That Glows When You Care For It!

When you think about a lamp that has feelings, what comes to mind? A company called Biological & Popular Culture – BioPop, has came up with a very cool virtual pet called Dino Pet that contains very small bio-luminescent planktons that glow in the dark with their own inner light.  The micro-organisms called dinoflagellates are placed inside

New Smart Pan Designed To Help An Amateur With Cooking

Some of us may have the worst experience when it comes on to cooking up a meal. If you know that you are one of these people, this revolutionary smart pan might be one of the best things that you could even get as a gift for Christmas. The new invention called the SmartyPan is

Cute Sensor Screams When Your Personal Belongings Are Moved

If you are a person that has siblings that will always go into your room and take out things without permission or have small children that you want to keep away from dangerous stuff, this new unveiled device will surely make your day. Designer Tom Evans has created a gadget that can be positioned anywhere

Skysaver -it will turn you into a spiderman

Skysaver that will turn you  into a spiderman. Look at this amazing invention

8 Awesome Tricks & Tips Featured In Apple’s iOS 8

Apple subscribers will want to get the most out of the recently announced Apple iOS 8 with its new features. Many of the biggest changes highlighted are subtle, but there are also cool features that are hidden in the OS. Check out these 8 cool tips and tricks that are featured in iOS 8 below.

Apple Designer & Heineken Develops Domestic Draft Beer Machine

While coffer lovers are being gratified with their own Espresso coffee maker, we ought to remember the beer lovers. Apple’s Marc Newson teamed up with Dutch brewing company Heineken, has created a domestic draft beer machine called The Sub, that will allow you to savor the different types of Heineken brand beers in draught form.

This Smartwatch Only Needs To Be Charged Once Per Year!

Battery life is always one of the biggest talking points where smartphones and technological gadgets are concerned. Each year as Apple and Samsung release their latest invention, returning and new customers ask one question they deem priority above all “How long can I use it before charging it?”. The question has taken on such a

Your Dog Can Be A Filmmaker With GoPro Fetch!

One of the most amazing things about becoming a fan of GoPro and buying into its ecosystem is the number of mounts and accessories that are available for Hero cameras. From helmet straps to surfboard mounts, GoPro seems to have something for just about everyone. GoPro has simply been good, but that doesn’t mean there