Find The Perfect Date For You & Your Pet Using ‘Tindog’

It can be a real deal breaker if you are a single dog lover that ends up going on a date with someone who isn’t a fan of canine companions. What’s a simple solution for this? An app that is designed to help pet owners find like-minded people for friendship or dating. The app which

Eco-Friendly Supercar Doesn’t Let You Have To Sacrifice Good Looks For Green Ethics

As our world’s inventors and business owners have seemed to increasingly become more concerned with our environment’s health, a California company has joined the initiative with their new green car that features the latest technology. The newly designed prototype vehicle, ‘Blade’, is the world’s first 3D printed supercar with its own designed technology that was

Vertical Vinyl Record Player Adds A Touch Of Classiness To Your Home

Roy Harpaz, a brilliant Israel-based designer, has created an elegant and sleek new record player that combines the future with retro days, with a vertical egg-shaped package. While it offers the same old analog sound with a linear tracking system, it features technologies such as a remote control with LED touch buttons on the front

These First Ever Operable 3D Printed Metal Faucets Show Off Mind-Blowing Designs

As new and innovative designs of things like cars and home decors made with 3D printed materials are increasingly being used, the traditional manufacturing techniques are being thrown out the window. The North American plumbing and building product manufacturer American Standard has launched their DXV line of metal 3D printed faucets that embraces this new

World’s Smallest Inflatable Device Is A Wristband Called ‘Kingii’

Kids going on holidays can be the most fearful time for some parents. This is experienced especially in the Summer holidays when everybody will want to hit the pools and the beaches to keep cool during the hot weather, and we all know that the risk of drowning is very high for even the shallowest

Developers Create Machine That Produces A Solar Panel In Only 15 Seconds!

Developers Alex Hornstein and Shawn Frayne are aiming to change the business of small scale solar panels with their invention called the Solar Pocket Factory. The system which sits in their backyard is a photovoltaic panel printer that is able to print out a solar panel every 15 seconds. In testing it out by going

Brand New Solar Oven ‘GoSun Grill’ Cooks Whether It’s Day Or Night

Since its unveiling on Kickstarter, this brand new redesign of a modern grill called GoSun Grill has been a great success. The grill is said to be able to cook faster, boil and fry enough food quantity for eight people without the need for fuel as it works on solar power at day and even

Dubai Looking To Make Beaches Smart With Their Electronic Palm Tree ‘Smart Palm’

When it comes to mastering engineering and design feats, the city of Dubai is no stranger to that. The country aims to boost its tourism and in a recent announcement, they will soon be equipping their beaches with ‘smart palm trees’. These Smart Palms will provide high speed Wi-Fi for free along with up-to-date weather

Top Class Home Security Created With New Door Handle With A Fingerprint Scanner

There are tons of smart locks that have promised to replace our keys, but this latest model has definitely taken things a step further. The new Ola is the first door handle that is simply able to recognize a homeowner’s thumbprint with its built-in fingerprint scanner. Just the same, it can store the prints of friends and

Put Away Your Worries About Food Toxin & Allergies With This Small Device

As a parent that have kids with very serious food allergies, it can be very uncomfortable every time they should have a meal away from home as we may not be able to tell all the ingredients that were included in the meal. Serial entrepreneur, Isabel Hoffmann, impelled by her daughter’s condition of being diagnosed with mold toxicity, created