These 10 Cool Gadgets Were Invented By 4-12 Year Old Kids

Over 450 children across Sunderland and South Tyneside, UK were asked to draw their ideas for inventions by a British designer and inventor named Dominic Wilcox. Out of the 600 drawing that were submitted, 60 of them were chosen to be presented to local makers that could help with manufacturing the devices. When submitting their

Teen Creates Smart Gun That Is Destined To Positively Change The World Forever

Unlike the other generations, today’s teens have to be more aware and careful when they do everything. Similarly to adults, kids are in constant fear of threats and stresses of cyberbullies, and mass shootings, and their homework or that basketball game coming up against the school’s rivaling team is the least of their problems. One

World’s First Collapsible & Hard Case Smart Suitcase Unveiled By Néit

Travel suitcases tend to take up a lot of space in the little storage space that some of us have to keep our valuables. You can make more space for your other stuff by getting this suitcase that can be flattened and stowed away. Developed Néit, the line of suitcases also incorporate GPS to help us with

This Smart Stroller Is Like A Car Itself With Its Tons Of Technological Features

A smart stroller by the tech world has finally surfaced. While there might be one in the making by German automakers, Volkswagen, as suggested on Facebook, the Smartbe is being campaigned on Indiegogo. The innovative stroller comes packed with many features to satisfy our digital desires. This includes a self-propelled mode, electronic climatized control system,

This LEGO KFC Chicken Vending Machine Should Be A Necessity For All College Dorms

Being a college or university student is just not easy. In that case, the dorm life and studies need to be treated very specially. Here we are not just talking about laptops, supplements and a clean environment but also snacks. I don’t know where some students would be without snacks and that’s why this Lego

Bike Around On Land Or Ski Around Sea With This Amphibious Bike Called The Biski

People ride their motorcycles into a lake is not something that we wouldn’t expect to see, but you can certainly look out for this happening very soon, very frequently as an amphibious bike has been released. The Biski motorcycle is an amphibious vehicle that converts from a motorcycle into a jet ski in less than

This Cat’s Selfie Game Is Hands-Down Unbeatable By Any Human

If you spend at least 15 minutes on your phone scrolling through Instagram everyday, it is more than likely that you have met this cat named Manny. Let’s just say that he is the world’s best ‘selfie cat’. Manny has gained the likes of many people and has gained huge internet popularity because of the

Three Moms Create ‘Uber For Kids’ Service Called HopSkipDrive

Not worrying about finding a trustworthy person to take your kids to school is something no busy parent can do. Out of the many parents that struggle with this, three moms were the only ones to come up with a great solution, an ‘Uber for kids’. Parents are able to book rides through an app

The Tech Version Of Baby Bottles Has Been Unveiled!

Introducing the world’s most advanced baby bottle. In a pre-order campaign that was launched on Indiegogo earlier this month, an innovative bottle called proacmOm was unveiled by InvnSun Technologies. The bottle says to make feeding children much easier and convenient for parents, and offers safety for the child. It especially targets busy moms that are

You Can Now Make Your Home A Bit More Magical With This Floating Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees make perfect house plants due to the fact that they are small in size and simple to care for. Now, everybody will want to have a bonsai tree in their home with this new trend. A team of designers in Kyushu, Japan have created a bonsai tree called Air Bonsai that is able