Save Money, Space & Water With This Hand-Powered Dish Washer

It can be quite tedious to wash dishes by hand, and dish washers, they suck up so much power for each round that your electricity bill depends on if you use it or not. A mid-way between these two is a small dishwasher the is powered by human kinetic energy and can fit in the

Get This Cool Home Elevator Installed In Your House With No Sweat About Space

While adding an elevator to your home would be handy for many homes, it’s not exactly something that homeowners would see as practical. This is because they are huge, loud and way too expensive for the pockets of homeowners with average pays. This new Lifestyle Home Elevator is the total opposite of this and is

Transform Your Refrigerator Into A Giant Gameboy With This Magnetic Set

Nowadays, the structure of refrigerators are changing as the newest models are built with second doors, who’s to say that they will not one day go on to serving as a full-fledged arcade cabinet with the fridge door. As we wait for those changes to happen, we could still do a little something more with our

Take Viewing Things On Your Smartphone & Tablet To A Bigger Screen With ‘Touchjet WAVE’

Want a bigger screen to do all the game playing and socializing that you would normally do on your smartphone or tablet? This gadget might be your answer. You can now turn your television into a giant tablet with this Android device that will cost you just $99 (£63). By easily clipping, the Touchjet WAVE

15-Year-Old Pakistani Receives $6.63million From Playing Video Games

Who would have thought that somebody could become a multimillionaire from just playing games? Not just somebody, but a talented teenager was able to accomplish this feat of winning $6.63 million (£4m) by playing ‘Defence of the Ancients 2′. At Valve’s eSports competition, ‘The International’, that was held on the 8th of August, Samuel Hassan’s

Capture The Exciting Moment When You Catch A Fish With The New ‘GoFish Cam’

More and more, being able to capture the action and entire details when on an adventure with sporting activities without it being a excruciating experience, is becoming a thing of the past. This is the case for capturing the adventure when fishing. With the development of a new camera for fishing that can be attached

Japanese Developer Unveils Tiny Transport Platform That Can Fit In Your Backpack!

Never have to worry about finding parking spaces again with this ultimate personal transporter. Small enough to be carried around in your backpack, this portable transporter that was developed by a Japanese engineer is dubbed as the ‘world’s first car in a bag’. The WalkCar is slender and made from aluminium. It is available in

Hands-Free Just Got Easier With This Surface-Gripping Phone Case ‘Extra Verso’

Trying to use your phone to help you out will applying make-up or as a navigation while driving, can be quite tricky. But this wouldn’t be the case once you get a hold of this new case that could make doing things as such with your phone much easier, and safer. The new Extra Verso

Dog App ‘DogSync’ Provides An Official Platform For Managing Your Canine

Knowing how to properly manage your dog’s daily routines to ensure good health is something that many of us would love to have help with. While we may fall into the trance of those big puppy eyes from our canine companions who can be master manipulators when they want something, this app will ensure that

GE’s FirstBuild Creates Ideal Nugget Ice Maker Machine For Kitchen Countertops

It’s the hottest season of the year and everyone is feeling the heat. While there are tons of way to cool down, a cold glass of drink is the easiest and we can’t forget the ice when we are ready for such a drink. For such a hot season, we will really have to say