Racing Simulator ‘Motion Simulator TL3′ Offers The Best Of Realistic Visuals With Its 200-Degree Screen

There a quite a number of gaming platforms that have accomplished creating racing simulator setups that would bring the real-life factor when playing games like Gran Turismo, with effects such as a force-feedbacksteering mechanism. This new simulator setup called the Motion Simulation TL3 provides a fresh new angle with its 200-degree, spherical projection screen that

New Milk Foam Art Machine ‘Ripple Maker’ Takes Latte Art To The World

This new milk foam art machine called the Ripple Maker will definitely make their rivals the Awa Taccino and the Cinnipen look like old school machines. Unlike their competitors, the new Ripple Maker allows you to make some of the more detailed and elaborate latte art without having to have the skills or the patience

A Unicycle Never Looked Cuter Than This Modern Model

This new motorized unicycle called Moto Pogo has a compact size and is an affordable means of short-distance transport. The new unicycle features a single wheel design, with built-in handlebars, footpads, and a saddle directly above the wheel. Unlike the goofy-looking kind of unicycles that circus clowns would ride, the Moto Pogo is as aggressive

A Ultimate Dental Hygiene Tool For Kids Is Definitely This Cool Toothbrush

Did you even think that getting toothpaste on your toothbrush to brush your teeth could be any easier that it already is? Maybe not, but surprisingly it did. Just like a regular cap, the Squeezie toothbrush can be screwed onto the mouth of the tube of toothpaste to keep it sealed when it is not

Foldable, Super-Thin Solar Panel Can Be Carried Around Like Your Phone To Charge Your Devices

The thinnest, most compact solar charger ever was recently placed on the market by Yolk. Measuring a little over the measurements of an iPhone 6, the new Solar Paper charger folds out into two solar panels at 5 watts in total. The device shows how much we shouldn’t underestimate the power of the Sun as

This Solar Cooker Called SUNplace Promotes Green & Sharing

Nowadays, everyone is looking to save bills spent on electricity and protect the health of the Earth by going with solar-powered solutions. Already we have discovered solar-powered ovens, grills and even stoves, and recently a new sun-based cooking contraception was placed on the market, except this product has a slight twist. Designed by Francesca Lanzavecchia

10 Times Apple’s ‘Siri’ Gave A Better Answer Than Your Friend Ever Would

While virtual personal assistants might also be getting smarter, they seem to be getting a little too smart as some times they will provide you with a somewhat witty answer. Earlier, the internet went haywire when they discovered that how the Apple iPhone and iPad virtual assistant called Siri answered the question “what is 0 ÷ 0?”.

Device Shaped Like A Gingko Tree Charges Phones In 2 Hours With Solar Energy

Recently, developers of Dubai unveiled that they will soon have smart beaches with their electronic palm tree system that is solar powered and able to charge devices. In a similar concept, a new design by XD Design called the Ginkgo tree will allow you to be able to charge up your devices using solar power.

Ensure Your Safety When Cycling With This Informative Helmet

When there are cyclists travelling on the same roads as motorists, it can be hard for drivers to anticipate the next move of the cycler. This new helmet was designed to help solve this problem by making cyclists’ intentions clearer and eventually keep them safer. Boasting integrated brake lights and indicators that shine brightly in

Do Your Own Body Art With This New Personal Tattoo Machine

A student at the Royal College of Art in London has designed a machine that will definitely be a hit for tattoo lovers. As its name suggests, the Personal Tattoo Machine allows you to do your body ink designs by yourself. The creator of the device, Jakub Pollág, says that their aim is to democratize