16-Year-Old Creates Device That Converts Exhalation Into Speech

People who suffer from disabilities like Parkinson’s or motor neurone disease are known to have an extremely difficult time when trying to communicate. A 16-year-old from Indian has created a device that could be a promising solution to this difficultly as it allows you to communicate with your breathing. The device called Talk, works by

A Smart Locket That Stores Social Network Photos!

Wearable devices are still trying to find solid ground in the technological arena with watches apparently making the most noise thus far. The ever growing industry has left room for more gadgets to stake their claim. Jennifer Darmour, of the design consultancy firm Artefact has developed a necklace that resembles an old school locket which

Using Expanding Foam A Guy Turned the Scarp Car into Sports Car

Believe in yourself, you can do anything. Talent, Imagination and hard work can take you to a different level. This spirit has been showed by Lithuana’s guy. He did what an ordinary man can’t do. He showed his work of imagination and stunned the world with his imagination and hard work. Enjoy his story in pics that

A Gadget That Transform an Ordinary Bike into an e-Bike

Electric Bikes are a great transportation alternative for conventional bicycles generally in rural areas and to cars in rural areas. But for most of the people the four- and five-figure price tags are too high to spend on this type of transportation. This price tag is even much more for those who already have a

Tiny Device That Allows You To Mix Like A DJ With Your Phone

An interactive designer in France named Gabriel Dante has created what is said to be the world’s smallest audio mixer that is perfect for DJ’s on-the-go. The small device called the Openmix is an audio crossfader that is small like an iPod shuffle. It features two output jacks that any device such as a smartphone, tablet,

New Knife That Smoothly Applies Solid Butter To Your Bread

Butter that was taken straight from the fridge will be solid and hard to spread on your slice of bread. Some developers from Seattle, Washington has created a knife that can solve that age-old problem. The new SpreadTHAT! is able to melt hard butter using a heat-system that captures your body’s heat to melt through

Unusual Camera Disguised As A Perfume Bottle – Sony KW1

Selfie pictures have become one of the most popular things today as millions of people across the world share these self-taken photos everyday across all the major social media platforms. Sony is now targeting women, particularly fans of taking selfies, with their latest Cybershot camera called the KW1. It is a slick looking camera that

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Details about Pricing, Sizes, Resolution and Camera, Battery Life, Weight with Pictures

Image Credit: MASHABLE/BOB AL-GREENE Tuesday (September 9) is the day when Apple’s new launch event held. According to the reports, the preorders of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will be starting from September 12. This is the same day when retails will also be able to do the same. And sale will be starting

Smart Gadget That Merges All Your Swipe Cards Into One

Some people have tons of swipe cards that serve different purposes. The big disadvantage to this is that carrying them around can cause your wallet to be bulgy and unable to be closed to prevent your valuables from falling out. A San Francisco firm, Coin, has created a slim digital card that allows you to

US$10 USB ‘Condom’ Prevents Hackers from Distributing Viruses

Millions of people around the world come in direct contact with technology on a daily basis and as such they are vulnerable to the ills of its usage. The vigilantes of  Computer Security have spent restless hours trying to gather data from organizations and individuals alike while simultaneously distributing viruses among other malicious programs to