Gadgets of Future: First Look

Today we have put together some cool gadgets that have been envisioned by designers of Apple, Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Samsung etc. We do not know when they will be available for purchase or if they will ever make their way to market. A few of them are designer brands so even if they come to the market, we may not be lucky enough to see them. Similarly, some are just over ambitious, and therefore only look good on computer screen. So sit back and enjoy this time travel to future 🙂

1. Optimus Tactus Keyboard – a tough surface keyboard similar to iPod Touch


After the success of iphone touch technology, future keyboard may have similar interface. The lack of haptic feedback in this design is a challange.

2. Costume Samsung 2.5 inch HDD for Women


Samsung plans to introduce this new design with mobile and makeup kit in one package.

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