Top 10 gadgets 2010

While companies try to recover from global financial crisis, the market is still sort of brimming with new and cutting edge gadgets implementing the latest discoveries and developments. Today we take a look at the coolest gadgets of 2010(including released and upcoming, both).

No 10. Polk HitMaster Gaming Audio System

Sing-along games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are immensely popular among the masses and you won’t be doing justice to them by playing on an age-old speaker system. This is why Polk made this high-end audio speaker and amplifier system provides the right way to game and it can be comfortably plugged into every gaming system. This gadget from Polk throws out an awesome 80 watts of powerful neat sound.

No 9. Panasonic 3D Camcorder AG-3DA1

It is the world’s first professional and fully integrated full HD camcorder. Equipped with dual lenses and 2 full 1920×1080 2.07 megapixel imagers, it can record everything from 24p to 1080/60i. The price is, well, $21000. It is scheduled to unleash for fall.

No 8. WD TV Live Plus HD media player

A device from Western Digital that allows you to watch movies, listen to music as well as view images on your big screen TV, all from a USB drive. This baby can play almost any format you can throw at it. The latest model also allows you to connect to the internet and stream live content from many sites such as Youtube, Flickr, Live365 or even from your own home network. Streaming over Wi-Fi is also possible with this model. Furthermore, this model also supports streaming from Netflix, and that too on HD. Whoa!

It is available now for around $120.

No 7. EnTourage eDGe

This tablet PC slash e-book reader device runs Google Android 1.6 and is world’s first dualbook; its one screen is touch sensitive e-Ink, while the other is full color LCD touch screen. In addition to boasting access to e-books, it will also allow for most of notebook computing functions, such as USB data transfer and normal web surfing. This gadget is rather absurdly priced at $499.

No 6. 4G Phones

Set to be released in 2010, these 4g devices are really going to set the wireless world ablaze. With data transfer rate of 100 Mbps that could also reach upto 1 gigabit per second when static, downloading a DVD movie will be only a half minute task.

No 5. Skiff Reader – The electric newspaper

It is being predicted that this gadget might be one of the top 10 “newspaper” in the market by the end of 2010. This e-book reader is said to be one of the thinnest readers around, although it is quite big, but that’s what makes it compatible with newspaper journalism.

No 4. 3M’s M2256PW – The ten finger touch screen

Although not intended for home usage (judging atleast from a price of $1500), this multi-touch beauty is sure to futurize your office. This 22-inch monitor can detect upto 20 simultaneous inputs through the screen. There is no specified release date till now though.

No 3. Alienware M11x

With a starting price of only $799, this is one gadget of 2010 that you really cannot afford to miss! It truly is ultra-portable with a weight of less than 5 pounds and an 11-inch screen. It uses processors from Intel’s latest line of low-voltage processors. The main feature of this laptop though is its twin graphics cards; one is a low power chip that gives you almost 6 hours of computing and the other one, the GeForce 335M is for games. And this one can certainly play the top titles with high details as it runs COD – Modern Warfare 2 at exceptional frame rates (with highest details). It looks like Alienware had been developing this awesome technology for more than four years behind closed doors, while they even had to wait for technology to catch up with their ambitions. This piece of technology was held so secret that when it was finally revealed at CES 2010, there wasn’t a single competitor around. This can mean some serious revolution in laptop gaming.

No 2. Xbox Natal

Now known as Kinect, it was known as Project Natal before this year’s E3. This peripheral for the Xbox360 is set to launch in November this year. There is hardly anyone who games and doesn’t know about Natal, unless he has been living under a rock. Sony and Nintendo revealed similar peripherals for the first time in this year’s E3 too, but Kinect looks way more cooler. It’s currently available for pre-order at various websites for $150.

No 1. 82-inch 3-D Readrt DLP TV

3D has taken the world by storm, as it looks and fittingly the number one gadget in our 2010 list is a 82-inch 3D TV from Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. It will cost around $4499 when released. Well, you will still have to wear special glasses for this one, but Mitsubishi plans to bring out TVs that work both with 2D and 3D programming. That’s a talk of the future though. This 82 incher is a sure winner for Mitsubishi with its price expected to be dropping to around $3000 by the end of 2010.

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