Top 10 Top Gear Challenges

Top Gear is an Emmy  award winning  TV series about motor vehicles, mostly cars. It was started in 1977 as a  motoring magazine show.With the passage of time, and especially since its relaunch in 2002, it has developed a humorous style. The show are  Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammand and James May, and also features a test driver known as The

Is the Compressed Air Car the Future of Eco-Friendly Cars?

Guy Negre is a former Formula One motor racingengineer who has turned his attention to buildingclean cars. The Frenchman is the father of the Air Car, a car that runs on compressed air and could revolutionize the auto industry.

Electric SuperBike a Reality [With Video]

Greener vehicles and fuel is what we and our planet wants. After the attempts to make electric cars, Vectrix has launched a electric Superbike. The design is an absolute beauty but it suffers from battery problems just like any other electric vehicle today.