Youtube Looks To Unveil New Tool To Create 5-Second GIFs

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The number one video-sharing website, Youtube, has invented a new tool that allows you to create five-second animated clips from uploaded videos. After the GIF is created, you can then give it a caption at the top and the bottom of the screen before you share it.

In order to create a GIF on Youtube, you must select a video and click the ‘share’ option that is located below the uploader’s name. Click on the GIF tab and select the portion of the video desired either by dragging the slider across the clip, or manually input a start and end time. Afterwards add top and bottom text, and click create GIF. A direct link along with an embedded code is then generated for the GIF. You will then be able to share or add it to websites or blogs.

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Unfortunately, the tool hasn’t been unveiled on the site as yet, but it is however available on the PBS Idea Channel and therefore can be used when sharing videos by PBS Idea Channel.

The upcoming tool is one of a number of tools that Google is pursuing with a selected group of Youtube users. The list of other tools include analytics that are more user-friendly, improvements to comment ranking and moderator features to help manage comments.


In the meantime you can use alternatives such as for creating GIFs. On this site, you are able to paste a YouTube link and create GIFs between five and fifteen seconds in length. A link will then be generated for sharing the GIF.

Another alternative is the UltraVisual App that also allows you to create GIFs from your own home videos. It’s dubbed ‘Instagram for GIFs’ as it lets users edit their media, add filters, create collections, and share videos. You can simply import previously captured media, or even take photos or videos instantly via the app to be rendered into a GIF.

The official unveiling of the Youtube GIF creator for all Youtube users has yet to be confirmed.

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