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World’s Smallest Restaurant Is For Two People Only

For some romantically inclined people the bad thing about public places is — well, they are public. If you’re looking for the most intimate and private dining experience; Solo Per Due, Italy is the place you need to visit. SOLO PER DUE or “Just for Two” is the most personal eating place in the world as it has just one table and it takes merely two people at a time. So there are no queues and no waiting, along with complete seclusion while dining which assures an extraordinary dining experience.

Situated in a 19th century building Solo Per Due has a traditional and comfy decor, with a warm fireplace, chandeliers and wonderful candle holders making it all very welcoming and romantic. The menu is based on locally-sourced ingredients. After the enchanting lunch or dinner, clients are asked to write their remarks for Solo Per Due in a Memory Book.








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