World’s 10 Most Expensive Cities

No 2. Osaka – Japan

Average apartment rent (three bedroom) USD $ 2400 per month
Average apartment rent (outside the main city) USD $ 2000 per month
Utility costs USD $ 200 per month


With several tourist sights located in Osaka, it offers pretty costly transportation and is home to many international companies like Mitsubishi, Sharp, Sanyo and Panasonic. Osaka is also home to some highly paid employees in the world.


No 1. Tokyo – Japan

Average apartment rent (two unfurnished bedrooms) USD $ 4500 per month
Meals for 3 persons USD $ 500 per month
Cup of coffee USD $ 5


Making Japan a host to two most expensive cities in the world is Tokyo. With a population of over 13 million, a piece of land will cost you $ 10,000 per square meter here. Dining in mid-range restaurant can cost you around $ 100, which does not include drinks.


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