Who Knew A Baby Goat & Human Could Share Such A Friendship As This?

benji and tom 1

They say the greatest love is a mother’s love, but not everybody was able to receive this. For this little pygmy goat named Benjamin, he was left saddened because he was rejected by his mother when she had twins when he was born and couldn’t support both of them.

benji and tom 2

The orphaned Benji found a kind nursery owner named Tom Horsfield, who was like a father and a best friend and left his home at Pot House Hamlet in the U.K. to be with him and the two became inseparable. Benji became a happy prancing baby pygmy goat that followed Horsfield everywhere he went. He sure made quiet a few friends along the way.

benji and tom 3

Horsfield says he feeds Benji 5 to 6 times a day, even as early as 4:00 in the morning. Everyday when he goes to work at the Pot House Hamlet in Barnsley in the U.K., his company is kept by little Benji who prances beside him as they walk.

benji and tom 4

While Tom works, he spends his time nibbling on flowers, and ofcourse he becomes extremely tired after a while and goes to take a nap. Visitors always have been flocking the nursery in South Hampshire to see the little forever prancing goat.

benji and tom 5

benji and tom 6

benji and tom 7

Horsfield says that when Benji grows old enough, he will him out in the countryside to graze independently with all the other goats, but for now, the happy baby pygmy got is too busy prancing to think about that.

benji and tom 8

Check out this video report about their friendship.


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