White iPod touch 5 Leaked Pictures and different assumptions

Many questions arise after seeing white iPod touch 5 leaked pictures. The next generation iPod touch has not been released yet by Apple Company but leaked pictures are telling much more about new iPod touch. Here you will see stories regarding new Apple product.

This future iPod touch is a digital component. Pictures shows, it is very similar in look to current iPod touch 4. Two assumptions arise from this fact. Might possible this digital component relates to scrapped white iPod touch 4 model that is never going to be produced. We can also predict it a next generation iPod touch that will come with little update but no major change in design.

As these pictures are not authentic at all, so these assumptions could be true or false. News from Apple predicts that this product will release after this year whereas its production is expected to release at the end of month August.

By revisions, it is concluded that white iPod touch 5 might be slightly different from previous version. Major changes that are expected are change in product color, better camera than before and A5 dual core processor. Well! Everybody is hoping for good changes and features in iPod touch 5.

Be patient and see what Apple is going to throw in next few months

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