7 Wise Resolutions Every Couple Should Make This Valentine’s Day

valentine's day resolutions

Like New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day should be used for reflecting on the love you have for your partner and relate ways that you can make your relationship stronger and happier. Before you indulge in the delicious heart-shaped desserts, sip on wine, and lay back together to watch movies, be sure to go over your resolutions for the future of th relationship. Here are —– resolutions for a start.


1. Spend More Quality Time With Each Other

As the world today becomes more busy, we sometimes forget that we need to slow down and ensure that the ones we love are doing great. Spending more quality time with each other will definitely keep your relationship refreshed and filled with vigor. Take your eyes off your phone screens and look into each other’s eyes.


2. Take Turns Planning The Activities Of Your Quality Time

By allowing each other to determine how the time is spent together with turns, you’ll be surprised to know how much you can learn about the person’s interests, personality and preferences.


3. Keep Your Union As The Focal Point Of Discussion

Rather than spending 2 hours talking about your friends’ relationships and comparing the nature of their relationship with yours, talk about the great things you’ve been through together and if not, simply enjoy each other’s company in silence.


4. Never Speak When You Feel Angry

It is easier to make amends for your actions than to do that when you have uttered tasteless words. In that case, it is always a good choice to take a moment from the situation to cool down and think. This will also prevent pointless fights.


5. Learn The Art Of Fighting

All couples fight, even the ones that seem to have the best of relationships. When fighting all you need to do is to ensure that there is still respect, compromise and understanding.


6. Practice Forgiveness

Dwelling on your partner’s mistakes is one of the number one ways to get a relationship a relationship can see no growth. If the relationship has been going on for some years, you already know each other’s flaws to know how to deal with them.


7. Keep Positive People Around You

Whether it’s your sister, brother, best friend, or accomplice, if someone is trying to ruin your relationship, do not hesitate to drop them. If there is someone around you breeding strife in your relationship, it can affect the happiness between you and your significant other, and that is what should matter the most.


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