BOLT for Fastest Mobile Web Browsing

The mobile phones are getting more and more sophisticated with so many innovative features. Now the users can browse web from their mobiles. There are many browsers available for mobile phones such as Teashark, Opera Mini and Skyfire etc. All of these browsers are doing well with their respective features.

Another mobile browser “Bolt” has been recently debuted that offers faster speed and many new features. It is a freeware and incorporates Bitstream’s Thunderhawk Technology for efficient performance and faster speed. Bolt occupies only 500kb RAM. It enables the users to have an efficient browsing experience from mobiles. Before passing the data to handset, bolt renders and compressed it through a proxy which boosts up the speed and minimizes the battery usage.

The most worthy features of bolt are

  • It is light weight
  • It delivers fastest speed
  • It renders complete website
  • It has In-built RSS reader
  • It enables split screen navigation
  • It provides Flash video and Ajax support

For the time being, it is in beta stage. However, users can sign up to get its free copy on release.

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