Which device is thinnest? Apple’s iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy II

Advertising Standards Authority of UK has ruled that iPhone 4 manufactured by Apple Company is the thinnest smartphone. It is even thinnest than Samsung Galaxy II.

Actually both Companies Apple and Samsung claim that they had produced the thinnest smartphone and this challenge still contradictory.

Now come to the real fact. If you talk at thinnest point then Smartphone developed by Samsung is slimmer than Apple’s iPhone 4, 8.71 mm if compared with iPhone 4 that is 9.3 mm in thickness. Apple iPhone 4 at its thickest point is thinner than Galaxy S II as it contains camera lens at top of screen and at bottom, speaker and antenna is added that makes this wonderful device 9.91 mm thick.

After revealing this fact, Apple has argued that users don’t like the thinnest section of mobile device but if you overall analyze it, people like devices that could easily be fit into pocket or purse.

The advertising standards authority (ASA) agreed with Apple and then dismissed the other complaint. It ruled that Samsung product Galaxy II had bulges that are prominent on top of the device and it seems too odd now.

Well! Apple and Samsung fight is still continued. What you think guys both will fight for next production too?

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