Volkswagen Beetle Got Converted To Classic Porsche!

What else can you imagine for your wedding day? The best gift made for your life by your own self! Since childhood Megan Ashton always wanted the classic Porsche 356 but the dream couldn’t fulfill Megan eyes due to the expensive cost of Porsche. The time of her life was when she turned her old Volkswagen Beetle in to her dream car for her wedding.


The interests of the girl grew up in her father’s garage during childhood. She always had a great sound knowledge and love for the cars, but her love for cars couldn’t go any beyond Porsche 356, she always dreamed for it. The classic car was made by the son of Porsche Founder who shared many parts with Volkswagen Beetle. The craze of the Megan lead her to an idea to fill her dream, where she bought Beetle (1969) model 2004 for £200. And after the six years enthusiastic work she turned out her beetle to a modified Classic Porsche 356 for her wedding.

She replaced and modified the whole frame work of the car. Large cylinders and the pistons were introduced into the engine by her to increase the power of the engine from 1285cc to 1776cc. She took a great peek to change the entire interior to the Mahogany finishing (Porsche) with the white leather interior, seats, steering wheel and even the Porsche 356 speedometer. The engine and the wheels were not changed and they remained of the beetle.

She spent £4,000 and now the old VW Beetle turned luxury Porsche is worth£25,000.

The ambitious craze made the day of her life!

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