Tulle Netting Turned Into Amazing Art Work

From the title, many of you would be wondering what Tulle really is? Well its the same netting fabric you usually see on wedding dresses and other pompous gowns. It might be a dressing fabric for many but not for the British artist, Benjamin Shine. He folds it, presses it and creates amazing portraits. The fabric has been folded in such a way that it gives off a 3D effect and for this, Benjamin uses a common iron. According to him, he had to use as long as 50 meter pieces of tulle to make his mind-blowing masterpieces. To give shades and tones to the portrait, he uses the transparent qualities of the netting.

This is something really new and unique in the field of art. Scroll down to check some of Benjamin’s work.






Benjamin-Shine-tulle6 Benjamin-Shine-tulle7

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