Top 10 Weird iPhone Apps

No 8. Hold On!

“Now with multiplayer over bluetooth!” this amazing and overly fun app allows you to check how much long can you hold down a virtual button. It also has a timer that shows your progress down to the millisecond and stores your personal all-time record, so you can show it to your friends when you hang out. But hey, looking cool among your friends will cost you 0.99$.

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No 7. Rimshot & Crickets

Featuring sound effects such as Rimshot (badum-tish), Crickets (*chirp*), “Sad”, Trombone (wa-wah-wahh) and Golf Clap / Slow Clap, this amazing app is for you if you like to mock you friends with ironically-placed rimshot sounds. And the Cricket sound is there to fill the awkward silences, so you’ll never get bored next time you hand out with your friends. The app is free anyways.

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