Aiko the World’s Prettiest Humanoid Female Bot

Le Trung, a 33 year old former software engineer from Toronto has an odd hobby. He spends his time building sexy robot nurses in his basement. His recent creation is called Project Aiko. Aiko is not your everyday RadioShack robot. In fact, he probably roughly modeled her around Cameron from the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

So yea, Aiko is supposedly kind of hot if you are into that kind of stuff. But Le Trung swears that her realistic body serves an  admirable purpose. He built her to “help the elderly” with their daily lives.

Project Aiko is still a work in progress. Aiko is currently wheelchair bound. Le’s future plans include programming emotions into her and making her walk.

You can learn more about Project Aiko at its website.

This is how the brain software works

Here is a full demonstration

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