Top 10 Solar Energy Companies

When it comes to competition there is no shortage of companies aiming to successfully commercialize concentrating photovoltaic technologies – the use of mirrors and lenses to concentrate the sunlight onto solar cells to generate electricity. Solar energy systems these days typically rely on a central inverter to convert the direct current produced by each solar panel to alternating current for the grid and to monitor the performance of the entire system. The term most widely used, “solar farms” is basically linked to solar panels laid on barren land where it is susceptible to obtain maximum sunlight. The basic principle behind generation of electricity through these panels is directly related to semiconductors and their behavior as the temperature rises, 10th standard physics. The electrical current generated in the semiconductor is extracted by contacts to the front and rear of the cell. The top contact structure which must allow light to pass through is made in the form of widely-spaced thin metal strips (usually called fingers) that supply current to a larger bus bar. The cell is covered with a thin layer of dielectric material – the anti-reflection coating, ARC – to minimize light reflection from the top surface.

10. CH2M Hill

Solar energy power project is running extensively throughout the world to achieve the energy resources with minimum work. . CH2M Hill is balanced to profit generously from the hurry by utilities and independent power plant operators to build large scale solar farms. Though it is assumed that solar panels are the most expensive means to obtain energy resources still emerging countries of the west are striving hard to bring these solar panels working. The company CH2M claims to have 40 years of skill delivering solar energy projects internationally. It won an agreement to supervise the building of Schott Solar’s $100 million industrial unit in Albuquerque, M.N. to make solar panels and solar thermal apparatus and equipment. CH2M declared last October that it would demeanor a feasibility revision and other consulting work for a 1 megawatt solar project at an AT&T facility in San Ramon, Calif. In addition their similar project CH2M also is managing the first phase development of the carbon neutral, greentech-filled Masdar City in Abu Dhabi that would get the bulk of its electricity from rooftop solar and solar farms.

CH2M HILL vice president Rick Hirsekorn, center, presents $2,000 checks to Chattahoochee High Principal Tim Duncan, left, and Northview High Assistant Principal Bobby Macris, right, for use in their schools’ music programs.

9. SoCal Edison

California leads the country with sadistic stance in order to promote renewable energy production and use. In such kind of situation Southern California Edison (SCE) emerged and stands out as the most insistent in buying renewable power and pursuing its own power generation projects in the state, particularly solar. SCE has added the most renewable power in its offerings, reaching nearly 16 percent by the end of 2007. This kind of utility/ service is observed as the first beneficial service to meet the California’s strict renewable energy standards, which entail power retailers to include 20 percent of their provisions from latest renewable techniques or methodologies, for instance that can be solar, wind, geothermal and small hydro by the year 2010. The permission will then augment to 33 percent by 2020. To reach those objectives, the services will both construct their own solar power plants, buying panels from a variety of vendors, as well as buy power from independent providers and remarkably SCE is handling all three simultaneously.



8. SolFocus

Challenging the world market in the field renewable resources, SolFocus is one of the few that is making a sturdy development toward that intention.  Putting in front of you is the most awesome achievements and works handle and completed successfully by the SolFocus. The Mountain View, Calif. based startup last year stretched two projects with a total production capacity of 500-kilowatts in Spain to show that its technology could be deployed in the field. SolFocus installed a 7.2-kilowatt system for a San Francisco-based radio station last fall. Last November, it unveiled a second-generation system that could convert 25 percent instead of 18 percent of the sunlight that hits the cells into electricity, the company said.

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