Dual SIM Adapter For iPhone 4 Gives You Two Phone Lines

Have you ever dreamt of having two numbers on your iPhone, without having to swap your SIM when you wanted to use the other number? A company named Vaveliero has come up with one such solution.

The kit that the company sells replaces your iPhone 4’s current Micro SIM tray with an external dual SIM adapter. This allows the iPhone to use two phone accounts on two different carriers. The SIM adapter can be attached to the case, to show as if it doesn’t exist. The numbers themselves can be switched in the settings or even be set to a timer to change when you so desire.

However, the two numbers cannot be used at the same time. We’re also assuming the iPhone would require to be unlocked to use a SIM from a different carrier. The company does operate in Europe where unlocked phones are sold, so it very well may be assumed.

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