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Top 10 Ways to Tweak Your WordPress Theme

No 4. Widgets

Playing with widgets is probably the easiest and best way to customize and personalize you WordPress theme. Apart from many built-in widgets, there are thousands of free widget available online. If you use a theme that isn’t widgetized try this link.

No 3. Page navigation customization

Most themes display all of your pages across the top of your site, perhaps with drop-down menus for hierarchical navigation but what if you would like to exclude a page or pages from the navigation tree? Here is a code for this very purpose, find the following line of code first:

<?php wp_list_pages(); ?>

And change it to:

<?php wp_list_pages(‘exclude=5?); ?>

exclude=5’ means that the page with ID 5 will be excluded and needless to say, you can change it to anything you want.

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