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Top 10 Time Wasting Websites

No. 3 LivePlasma

A search engine for movies and music, a must attempt for any music or film activist, LivePlasma helps you discover new movies and music by structured interactive maps approximately your present favorites. It’s like six degrees of separation, customized to your cultural interests.

No. 2 FMyLife

Ah i like this stuff. FMylife is a website telling you stories about different scenes and sights that became eventually true. You just have to visit it and believe in it. The stories aren’t always G-rated, so visit at your own discretion.

No. 1 Stripgenerator

Stripgenerator is about comic construction, not something weird or bizarre. The site allows you to construct your very own tailored comic strip in a course of few minutes. Decide from a collection of font, characters and objects, and then transport your strip to life, one quadrangle at a time. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, sign up to start your own “strip blog” and have your content featured on the site’s home page.




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