Top 10 Things Not to Do on Facebook

No 6. Comment on religion or politic

This really is a great way of pissing off your friends and acquaintances  without any real danger of a physical blow.

No 5. Give you full birth date in info

Displaying your full birth date is one of the best ways to have your identity stolen. Using your birth information, identity thieves could obtain more information about you and potentially gain access to your bank or credit card account. You should probably change this quickly; go to your profile settings and atleast opt to hide you year of birth. Having no birth information is best, without question.

No 4. Use excessive emoticons

And by excessive I mean not more than one per post. Yes, they convey your emotional state of mind pretty well, but they really look silly. Posts like “Hey! Guess what I bought today? 😀 An iPad 2 😀 😛 ;)” look real stupid.

No 3. Tell when you will be gone

Never ever post on Facebook telling when you won’t be at home. That’s like sending out invitations to the thieves yourself. Even when you come back from a vacation, no need to give any dates.

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