Top 10 Russian Sukhoi fighter aircrafts

No 6. Sukhoi Su-27 “Flanker”

Introduced 1984
Role Air superiority fighter
Units built 680
Maximum speed 2,500 km/h
Range 3,530 km
Service ceiling 18,500 m
Thrust to weight ratio 1.09

A Mach 2-class jet fighter from Russia, the Su-27 was intended as a direct competitor to the US fourth generation fighters. It is able to perform almost all combat operations. A single Sukhoi Su-27 costs about $30 million.

The Su-27 has also been involved in a number of accidents, most notably during The Sknyliv Airshow, where it killed 85 spectators.


No 5. Sukhoi Su-30 “Flanker C”

Introduced 1996
Role Multi-role fighter
Maximum speed 2,120 km/h
Range 3,000 km
Service ceiling 17,300 m
Thrust to weight ratio 1.0

It is a dual-seater all-weather, air-to-air and air-to-surface deep interdiction fighter. Its cost ranges from $34 million to $53 million depending on the variant. It is currently in service with China, India and Vietnam among other countries.


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