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Tesla’s Innovative Car Charger Prototype Is Like A Metal Snake On The Prowl

tesla model s charger

It was announced in December of last year that an innovative car charger was being created, by the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk. In a tweet he said, “[it] automatically moves out from the wall and connects like a solid metal snake. For realz.” Recently, the prototype of the charger was revealed and while in action, it totally looks like something that just popped out of a science fiction horror film.

tesla model s charger 2

In the video that was posted on Tesla’s Twitter account last week, the metal nozzle of the charger is seen slithering like a snake to the car before inserting itself in the charging slot to begin the charging procedure. The details such as when Model S owners will be able to own the new charger, or how much it will cost, was not announced.

tesla model s charger 3

Before being able to put the innovative charger into use, it appears that Tesla will have to address a few things on its Model S vehicles first. One of these constituents is said to include sending a software patch to address security flaws in the Tesla Model S sedan, to prevent hackers from being able to take control of the vehicle. According to a report by the Financial Times, cybersecurity researchers said that they were able to take control of a Model S and turn it off at low speed. In a reaction to this report, Tesla confirmed elements of the chronicle and said that they had already issued a software patch to owners.

tesla model s

Check out the video of the prototype car charger by Tesla in action below.


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