Top 10 Russian Sukhoi fighter aircrafts

No 8. Sukhoi Su-24 “Fencer”

Introduced 1974
Role Tactical All-Weather Attack aircraft
Units built 1400
Maximum speed 1,315 km/h
Combat radius 615 km
Service ceiling 11,000 m
Thrust to weight ratio 0.60

The Su-24 was the first fighter jet to incorporate USSR’s first integrated digital nav/attack system. It costs $25 million dollars apiece. 8 variants were built of the Su-24 and it is in service with 13 countries around the world, including Russia.


No 7. Sukhoi Su-25 ‘Frogfoot”

Introduced 1981
Role Close air support aircraft
Units built 1,024
Maximum speed 950 km/h
Combat radius 375 km
Service ceiling 10,000 m
Thrust to weight ratio 0.51

The Su-25 has seen many wars since it went into production in 1978; it was used in the Soviet war in Afghanistan, it was used in the Iran-Iraq war and it was also used in the Persian Gulf War. More than 10 variants of this fighter were built to meet different requirements like for training. More than 20 countries still operate the Sukhoi Su-25.


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