Top 10 Russian Sukhoi fighter aircrafts

No 2. Sukhoi Su-35 “Flanker-E”

First flight 1988
Role Multi-role fighter
Units built 18
Maximum speed 2,500 km/h
Range 4,000 km
Service ceiling 18,000 m
Thrust to weight ratio 0.995

The Su-35 is a Russian 4+ generation heavy class, long-range, multi-role fighter and is a derivative of the Su-27. There have been multiple variants of this jet, but still the Su-35s are in service in very small numbers, mainly with Russia or probably only with Russia.


No 1. Sukhoi Su-39

Introduced 1981
Role Close air support aircraft
Units built 1,024
Maximum speed 950 km/h
Combat radius 375 km
Service ceiling 10,000 m
Thrust to weight ratio 0.51

Su-39 is an upgraded version of the Su-25 and is also known as Su-25TM. It boasts improved navigation and attack systems and better survivability.


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